Sunday 25 January 2015

Keeping The Wolves From The Door

Stew - just what the doctor ordered after recent times !

I was in the metropolis for most of the duration of yesterday's game desperately trying to follow events on twitter. Not easy for various reasons amongst them trying to avoid tourists taking photos of London landmarks or getting poked in the eye with selfie sticks ! Whose idea was that ?

Twitter was proving hard to access but I started checking on our game on it and we weren't losing so the superstitious side of me dictated that I had to stay with that. Thus it wasn't until @ 5.25pm that I got all the updates and discovered we'd secured a point and a clean sheet. Neither of those seemed likely ahead of kick off.

It is to be hoped that the players performed well because of, and not in spite of, Luzon. Perhaps some of that old fight and team spirit resurfaced. Let's hope so.

I was surprised to see Etheridge replaced following his performance last week and that Wiggins was omitted in favour of Fox. Luzon clearly not afraid to make unpopular decisions it seems and one wonders where he gets that from.

The defence tightened up and in so doing came away with the aforementioned clean sheet. Very simply, conceding 5 goals less than the last game will always give you a chance. Football's a straight forward game really, eh ?

Good to hear that our two debutants had good games. Hopefully they've added some competition in the goalie and midfield areas.

Disappointing to see Bikey overreact towards the end. He had no need to get involved. He's old and experienced enough to know better.

Watt created a good chance but ended up taking one touch too many by which time Ikeme had closed down the angle and the opportunity was gone 

Clearly making ourselves hard to beat was the way to go following recent results and when facing an away game against in form opponents such as Wolves. The harder test comes next week the onus is on us ( geddit ) to attack and get a win.

We need to start scoring goals as we increasingly look like the world's worst sperm donor such is our propensity to fire blanks.

One wonders what Luzon knows of Rotherham and I guess he will rely heavily on Damian during the coming week. They'll be a tough nut to crack. Come 5pm next Saturday we'll have a clearer idea of what we can expect for the remainder of this season. Hopefully, that will include two or three fresh faces and without the loss of any key players.

My evening was spent watching Stewart Lee at the Leicester Square theatre which is a cosy, intimate venue. I know Stewart isn't everyone's cup of tea but I really like his stuff and he was on excellent form. 

After he'd finished I noted that Jerry Sadowitz was on and I wished I'd known that as that would have made a good comedy double header, I must try and get tickets to see him.

I trust that's the end of Saturday comedy for a while and that the need for gallows humour in respect of the Addicks can be laid to rest for a little while at least.

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