Thursday 4 October 2012

There's A Famous Seaside Town Called........

Blackpool, That's noted for fresh air and fun......

There may be plenty of fresh air on Saturday but the way things are at present I'm not sure we can guarantee any fun !

Following on from Saturday, Tuesday night was missed opportunity part two. Curbs learnt the folly of misguided loyalty and Sir Chris needs to too and quickly. Tuesday night should have seen starts for Evina and Razzaq. Even failing that, then at worst, some ten minutes into the second half, those two should have come on for Wilson and Hollands.

Yes, we gave Watford a battering second half but with the superior passing of Razzaq and with Evina delivering crosses from the left we probably would have won. Staying with what appeared 4-4-2 in the second half with the oppo having only one striker up front was lost on me.

The thinking behind the decision to take off our most influential player of late ( Fuller aside ) in Green and push Wilson up to right midfield was lost on me.

We could have had Green attacking still on the right, Razzaq controlling the midfield and creating with some quality passing and Evina delivering from the left and linking up with Kerkar.

In my view we took too long to start Fuller in games and now we are repeating that mistake with Razzaq and Evina.

We've a run of games now that promises to be both tough and little in terms of points. We've got to be positive and make those changes now. It's worked in as much as playing Green and Kerkar has improved our play and we're creating more. A couple more tweaks as suggested and we can have cause for optimism.

All of the above isn't to detract from how well we played at times on Tuesday because we did on occasion look quite good with some slick passing and movement. It's just it could and should have been so much better.

Onto Saturday then and time to make those changes please God ! The Seasiders are a tidy outfit now and possess a number of decent players that carry a real threat. We will need to be at our best if we are to get anything from the game.

I'll not be there on Saturday due to finances but in any case I'm still trying to recover from the horror of the Pardew inspired 5-3 defeat a few years ago...........what a bloody miserable weekend that was.

Well done and good luck to all that travel oop north and if your name's out for the lions !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Nothing Else
    There seems to be a big level of fan support for Evina . Its a mystery to me . When I have seen him he is rather a defensive liability . Although we can all question some of SCP's decision , I think you have to really ask yourself how confident he is of Evina's ability ( as a defender ) when he chooses to carry on playing Wilson & solly as they are . I back SCP's judgement on this issue - for heaven's sake he was an international full back himself . The clamour for Evina is misplaced

    1. Alburyaddick,
      If Evina is a defensive liability and SCP does not have confidence to play him as a left back in Wiggins absence. Why is he in the squad?
      Maybe SCP should transfer him and give the wages to someone who can do a job when the need arises and let Solly play his natural game?

      Just an opinion of course.

  2. Albury, thanks for your comment.

    I have to wonder, like Anon, why he is even on the bench if he is not going to play. I don't recall Evina being that bad a defender but I've no recent evidence either way. However, we're all agreed that he's good going forward so why didn't he get on on Tuesday. Wilson has played well of late but we do have a better right back.

    Tuesday saw Wilson end up at right midfield when he's not great when attacking and Evina who's definitely good attacking, sat warming the bench.

    It just don't make no sense !

    Razak is a class act and we have to hope that he gets on sooner rather than later.

    I love Sir Chris as much as the next man but I'm not sure he's called it correctly this season. As I said Fuller was slow to get in the side and I wonder if it hadn't been for Yann's injury that he would have started against Ipswich. I would also cite the delay in bringing width to the team.

    Not that Chris doesn't have others in the management team who watch the same games as us. Dyer and Matthew have views as well I assume. In addition, as Ketts said, a coffee with Paul Hart wouldn't be a bad idea.

    Let's hope that whatever the team the lads get a result today and on Tuesday.