Sunday 7 October 2012

The Long And The Short Of It

"E"asy does it

Thanks to one of our twitter fans for the photo. I hope the Gazette's poster writer doesn't work at the local sweet awful lot of rock goes to waste if they do. Spelling's not their forte in Blackpool I have to say. When I last visited they had a poster in the local pub saying that the following Saturday's entertainment was going to be " compared " by Dave Williams. Oh dear !

I avoided all media contact until 4.52pm yesterday when I tuned into Final Score. How shocked and pleased was I with that ! It had me jumping around the living room, punching the air. Fantastic.

My delight was enhanced when I found out about the goal scorers and in particular, the manner of Solly's one. Superb and from what I can gather he was rather happy with it. I'm pleased that a number of supporters had taken up the bet for Cort to score and their wallets will be a little fatter today unless they've spent it on a drink or two to celebrate.

Sir Chris made a change and brought in Razak for BWP. A tough decision and a little harsh on Bradley perhaps but one that was good for the overall well being of the team. Fuller as one would expect had a blinder playing as the lone striker. Indeed, he was unlucky not to score.

I note that Wilson had a good game and well done to him. I'll leave aside the full back debate for now as we should really just wallow in the glory of victory.

Just as pleasing as how well everyone played individually and collectively was the clean sheet. Always good if that can be achieved and I note Hamer made a couple of fine saves.

Poor old Super Kev eh ? The Addicks did for him again !

Those damned international breaks come at the wrong time and have had me confused. I was certain we were off to Leeds next Tuesday but of course, we're not. At least it'll give us a chance to get all rested and one or two an opportunity to overcome their injuries.

Young Abdul is off to the Ivory Coast to play so he'll come back match fit but hopefully not too tired.

With the Addicks not playing next weekend, we'll need to look to the lower leagues and non-league for our footie fix.  

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