Sunday 22 January 2012

Bang On Target

The big screen at the Valley yesterday....courtesy of " referee " Deadman

With nearly 80 minutes gone yesterday we were ahead 4-0........on yellow cards that is. How on earth the walking disaster that is Mr Deadman manged to contrive that scenario is beyond the imagination of most. He did go onto flash a few more cards before the final whistle of course. His ineptitude and reluctance to deal with various fouls, cynical and otherwise only served to wind up both sets of players.

When Russell made his tackle you sensed that he couldn't wait to brandish a red to someone. The brawl that ensued allowed Deadman to go one further as it saw the " experienced " Beattie or Beats if you prefer follow Russell for the early bath. Somewhat short of " attacking " options as a result I understand that Danny Wilson is set to sign Tony Curtis on loan in a reprise of his infamous 1968 role.

There can't be too many occasions where two subs have been sent off within about 5 minutes of coming on. Perhaps that's a first even for Deadman, I wonder if he gets off on that sort of thing.....just a thought.

Maybe United deserved to get something from yesterday's game but a consistent failure to hit the target meant they didn't. In a nod to the Owls approach to the game, Yann and BWP too occasions received the close attention of Baldes players. Never mind we got on with it and in a show of rudeness stood up to the fight.

The inference on last night's football league show was that the Addicks have been indulging in some underhand shannigans to achieve a win over both the Sheffield teams. This is lazy on their part and seems to eminate from the whinging Owls and subsequently I guess, Blades fans. I've obviously missed something then in these last two games although I did get a distinct whiff of sour grapes as I left the ground.........perhaps that was what it was.

We were far from our best yesterday and that it was enough to see off the team in second place speaks volumes about our side. They coped admirably with what was sent their way. I share the concerns of other bloggers about Hamer's performance.....flapping aplenty and no real command of his area. He is still young especially for a keeper and will improve I'm sure and he's good enough for this league. We may need someone a little better for the next level should we get there. I'd keep him as reserve keeper because he will develop and progress I'm sure.

BWP was again out of sorts and until yesterday I felt he'd not let his head drop. I sensed some real frustration in the later stages of the game. I don't advocate dropping him because he must get better opportunites against Exeter and Bury. He won't need reminding the Haynes will be putting him under pressure as he looked quite sharp yesterday.

I'm a big fan of Green but sadly it wasn't a great day for him all round. He had two great chances when through and sadly both efforts went straight to the keeper. At least one should have found the back of the net I felt. 

Sir Chris got it almost spot on again yesterday although I'll question his use of the subs again. With 20 minutes to go and with us floundering a little it needed Russell and Haynes to come on for Pritchard ( on a yellow and looking dodgy ) and BWP.....out of sorts.

Obviously the free kick from Skip ( can't believe I've left it this long to mention it ) was a real deja vu moment and what joy ! My elder son and I were bemoaning that we'd not seen a decent free kick from us at the Valley in many a year only for JJ to deliver again.

I would have been happy with two draws from the Sheffield games so the wins have left me cock-a-hoop ! We can't allow complacency to set in for the upcoming games. I'm sure the gaffer won't let that happen.

Two more wins against Exeter and Bury will round off January nicely and see us in an even stronger position.   


  1. those toe csars on the Football League show make me cringe. We've had two top of the table clashes in two weeks and get about 90 seconds coverage - pathetic

    Pembury Addick

  2. agree PA it's shocking. Claridge just talks tripe whether on tv or radio. Phil

  3. Deadman used to be my bank manager - from memory he was quick to give the red card to my overdraft too.