Tuesday 1 March 2011

Who's Off First ?

" Psst...Pawel's off apparently "
" Really ? "
" Yep, gone to Polish up on his football ! "

I missed Friday's defeat at Meadow Lane as I was attending a Milton Jones gig. Not as subtle as Jim Davidson of course and very, very funny. Well worth catching Milton if you get the chance.

I haven't seen anything other than the BBC highlights but it looks like another game where shouldn't have lost and should have come away with a point at least. I know some folk are starting to question Sir Chris but we went down to a goal scored by an ar*e but it wasn't the one we expected. No, indeed Lee Hughes drew a blank on the night.

Even then it took a further deflection off Francis and BWP took a shocking penalty with our regular penalty taker off the pitch. Their keeper should have gone by all acoounts. BWP from reports gave a lacklustre performance. Sounds similar to the Exeter game then where I felt he wasn't trying too hard. It's okay scoring goals but we need to see good commitment.........not sure I'd start with him tonight.

Whilst we acknowledged Sir Chris's luck in those first few games it has certainly disappeared in the last 3 games. Sir Chris is still the man and we all need to give him the backing and support that immediately followed his appointment.

We all know where we need to strenghten and hopefully that will be addressed soon.

Seems like Jackson will be out. I'd bring Fry back, move Jenkinson to right back and push Francis or Joe up to right midfield. However, I fear that Wagstaff will start not something I'd do given his recent performances. I hope he proves me wrong if he does.

Sadly in a number of areas we don't have players under enough pressure due to lack of competition. That's a real shame. I'd like to see Fortune return but can't see that happening.

We really need to win tonight and again on Saturday of course. Here's hoping the lads can win, win big and in style to get us all going again !

Come On You Reds ! 

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