Friday 11 March 2011

Oh ! I Can Hardly Wait !

                                                      If only it was that funny !

It feels like we're witnessing the end of our season already and giving it the last rites as we watch the last few games. You hoped it might get better but sadly it hasn't.

Like many others I was perplexed at the team selection on Tuesday. If BWP had a knock then I'm still at a loss to understand why you'd keep a quality player like Eccleston out of the action. Even more baffling is Francis's continued presence in the team.....truly awful ! He got dogs abuse from our fans and some after the game when boarding the coach too I understand.

It was a shocking night all round capped off by some racist abuse directed at Sir Chris from one idiot who was probably a few rows back from me but where one couldn't tell where. That really pi**ed me off.

Perhaps if we manage to play something approaching decent football in these last couple of months it may give some hope for next season. Whether Sir Chris will be given the time to assemble and fashion a team in the way he wants to play is anyone's guess. 

Let's hope we see the two new loan players as it'll make a nice change to see something half decent.

I'm on the train tomorrow and a few pre and post match pints will help numb the pain again.

As you can tell, like most, I'm finding it hard going at the moment and whether I can find it within me to make the journey down for the Southampton game is unknown at present. Bearing in mind I was in Bartrams on Boxing Day at the very moment the oringinal fixture was called off and wasted the day not least the impact it had on my Christmas.............I have to say it's not looking good !

Let's hope we can win the big London debry tomorrow and the players can send us all home happy !

Come On You Reds !  

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