Saturday 5 March 2011

The Queen Vic

In the not so distant past this fixture was typically a Friday night away or a Tuesday night at home, mutually inconvenient for both sets of supporters. However, the fixture programme ( in reality five old codgers sitting round a coffee stained table smoking woodbines ) has decided that Les and his team are visiting us today. Jolly good too say I !

I quite like Les, another manager who seems to typify most in this league in being able to get more than he should from his squad. Allied to that is his excellent sense of humour, essential for a league one boss I'd have thought.

Sir Chris is certainly having to earn his corn now. Tuesday's performance was shocking and only Jekinson comes out of it with any credit. Pants probably best describes what we witnessed. That it was so bl**dy cold didn't help matters.

A crowd already halved from the last time out and one wonders what today's turn out will be. We all know that we can ignore the official attendance figure but luckily, with little on the pitch to distract us, I suspect we'll be able to count the punters ourselves.

I don't like Wagstaff starting and playing on the right wing........I like it even less when he's playing up front. We need to stop that nonsense. Another I'm not too enamoured of is Benson, however, fair play to him he did win a few headers and was spotted holding the ball up a couple of times on Tuesday. Indeed late into the game he laid the ball off and made a good run into the box and was a whisker away from getting his head on a cross to score. Perhaps his enforced lay off has done him some good.

Best I don't mention Mr Fortune. Having called for his return he rather, well er let's just say, let me down. He seemed a stranger to a football pitch let alone his team-mates although I did see him " chatting " in rather animated fashion to Mr Dailly late on in the game ! I can only assume the absence of reserve games hasn't helped him.

I'm still with Sir Chris and will not turn on my man in haste. I firmly believe he's got what it takes. If as he says you learn more from defeat than victory then he'll gained a great deal from the last four games ! Come the end of the season he could the most knwoledgable around ! However, as is widely acknowledged Sir Chris will need to get his own team together before we can truly judge him anyway.

I had hoped we'd get a couple of loan players in by now and clearly work is being done in that area but at the moment we don't seem capable of getting a book out of the library ( assuming its not been closed ).

Now is the time for everyone to come to the aid of the party etc. ! I'm not impressed with booing as I've remarked before. It serves no purpose. We all need to do what we can to get behind the team. Some folk are getting so down. I know it matters, I know it hurts but hey, this is Charlton and this is the harsh reality of our team. It's never been easy and I suspect it never will but I wouldn't have it any other way.

It's time to be positive but not in a Toure kind of wife's slimming ar*e ! Yes of course, haven't we all !

Sir Chris will get it right and sort it all for us, don't worry about that. My friend, Clive observed that in the interests of symmetry we should now look forward to four draws ! Maybe but at the risk of making myself look an even bigger ar*e ( is this possible ? ) I'm going for 3-1 to us today.  Defence tightens up, free flowing football returns and so do the goals as a result !

Come On You Reds !

PS I apologise for the frequent use of the word " ar*e ", what a cheek eh ? I'll try to refrain next time.

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