Sunday 20 March 2011

See Last Week For Details....

I didn't go and so won't be as wound up as those loyal fans who did. To think we had a whole week to prepare and play like that ! My lad went with a mate to watch Saints v Owls.........we are going to get a pasting he tells me. I think we'd get that from almost whoever we play.

This week's blogette is easy as I'm basically cutting and pasting last week's.........let's hope I have cause to write something new soon or I could just repeat this ad nauseam eh.........'s hard to B + ( positive )............ more likely to be like another blood group O sod it ! 

I found yesterday a bit depressing. I just didn't enjoy it at all. I trust that I can find rediscover my enthusiasm which has has been curbed !

It was my hope that with the season pretty much over even before kick off that we might try and play some decent or even better football. We didn't and team selection again baffled me.

McCormack is pants.....end of. Eccleston must be speechless that he still can't get a game.

On the plus side...........oh ! there doesn't seem to be one at all this week !

I hope that we can salvage something from this season. How about playing more youngsters.....there's nothing to lose assuming we can stave off relegation and that's increasingly looking a greater possibility.

Nothing else to say really. Totally fed up and somehow I've got to find a reason to go on Tuesday. Perhaps that I'll see some good footie from the Saints may be reason enough. I bloody hope so !

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  1. What would help in this dire situation, is some positive comment by the board, or a message of support for the manager and a promise that there will be a clear out in the close season, but none has been forthcoming and one can only assume that they are doubting Chris Powell's ability themselves.