Sunday 6 March 2011

1 down 3 to go

                                                                   The Tranmere Ethos

I suggested yesterday that in the interests of symmetry we might just go onto draw our next four games......well if so, that's number one taken care of then.

Tranmere's intent was clear from the off. Time waste and feign injury. Things have been bad for us and I've seen some terrible Charlton teams in my time but thank God none has ever stooped so low. My respect for Les Parry totally disappeared after that.

Talking of respect.........perhaps we should have a campaign of that name for match officials.....we do you say ? Well I never ! Think someone once said you have to earn respect perhaps that's why there was precious little towards the men in black yesterday then. Time wasting, play acting and cynical fouls went almost toally unpunished. The major infringements overlooked and the minor ones were made a big issue of......" move the ball back 2 inches " etc. Too depressing to think any more about the inept whistle blower and we're not talking David Shayler !

I was fortunate to bump into Ketts before the game and we chewed the fat on current goings on. Neither of us totally happy with things of course but trying to be optimistic for an upturn in fortunes.

I was surprised and disappointed that Eccleston didn't start and that he didn't get on until the 82nd minute. No time at all to make an impact although had he not been scythed down he might well have done just that. I felt that two players should have come on when we equalised. Sir Chris needs to address the subs issue as it's not looking like his forte at present.

Don't want to dwell too much on the game. First half absolutely awful and second half better and we deserved to win. Francis as shocking as Llera was good. He'd not played for 5 months Ketts informed before kick off........hadn't appreciated that. Jenkinson was again magnificent ! For one so young and with little match experience, to show the desire, confidence and hunger to take the game by the scruff of the neck suggests a promising career for him.

Other results didn't go our way and we face an MK Dons side on Tuesday that will be full of confidence.

We need those loan players in and fast. Not sure if Elliot's injury keeps him out how that affects our ability to bring two more players in. Sometimes you can get emergency cover for keepers but this is usually after you've used up your loan allowance I think ?

Not looking forward to Tuesday. I've always felt that we'd not lose to the Dons when we've played them before and now I can't see us doing anything else. I'll get it in the neck from the kids at school if we do.......maybe I'll send in a note from my mum on Wednesday morning ! 

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