Saturday 26 March 2011

They're Here.........

The inspectors are on their way !

Next week the good folk from Ofsted are visiting my school. This always put staff on edge however " human " the inspectors try to present themselves to be. Personally I think they should arrive totally unannounced in order to get a true picture of how a school is. I'm proud of our school, its ethos and what it offers children. I don't think most schools would or indeed should have anything to fear from this approach.

Good job the inspectors from Offoot haven't been down to the Valley lately. They'd not be impressed and " Special Measures " may indeed be the verdict ! However, Tuesday night was encouraging and at long last a performance to gladden the heart. I'm pleased I decided to go. Much better stuff from the lads.

Llera was my man of the match and he continues to show how wrong it was that he was left out. Fair play to Mig as no doubt he was a tad miffed at being left out when so many were underperforming but he kept his angst private.

Someone else who we know wont be impressed by his many recent omissions is Eccleston. Rightly so. God knows who he needs to sleep with to get a start but let's hope it's rectified today at Bournemouth. He's got to replace the hapless Wagstafff surely to God.

Big Joe impressed on his return on Tuesday as sub and I hope he is restored to starting berth today as Nouble didn't impres me on Tuesday. Must do better the verdict for him.

Hopefully we can dig deep today and produce something akin to Tuesday night and we may come away with something. We need several good displays now against these stronger teams to give some hope for next season.

The board has nailed its colours firmly to the mast of SS Powell for next season if Slater's letter is to be believed. If its contents are sincere then it was something he can be proud of..........let's hope the trust that they are putting in Sir Chris bears fruit. I don't think any of us really wants him to fail.

Following the Saints it's another coastal town........let's hope the tide has turned and we're back to winnings ways !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Wishing you all the best for OFSTED.

  2. Cheers Marco. Actually quite looking forward to it in a perverse kind of way. Don't think any assessment or feedback is anything other than useful now and again. Good to know where we stand so to speak.