Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Psychic Success !

Another Derek Ensures Valley Victory !

It emerged today from sources close to Phil Parkinson that he consulted with T.V. psychic Derek Acorah ahead on Easter Monday's game. Looking for any kind of supernatural inspiriation, Parky thought Derek may be able to help. Apparently he did !

Derek pointed out the significance of the date.

" Look at it " said Derek " it's 05/04/10 and what do you think that means ? "

" Not sure " replied Parky hesitantly.

" Take away the noughts and what does it leave you with ? " asked the average medium going on to to hint that " it has something to do with the formation ! ".

" Ah ! " said an enlightened Parky, " I must continue with with 4-4-2 ! "

" No ! " responded an agitated Acorah. " It all points towards 4-5-1 ! "

" I get it now " said Parky who then went on, sadly without any other help it seems, to pick a team to play 4-5-1. We'll I say with no furter help although our Derek may well have been the one suggesting a we play Forster as a lone ( loan ? ) striker !

Nothing supernatural about that selection. I recall going away to Ipswich and seeing us play 4-5-1 with Leroy Lita on his own up front, it wasn't a great success then either. Given our propensity to bang long, high balls up the pitch this was not a good idea.

To me it made more sense to start with Akpo and Shelvey if you're going 4-5-1. Failing that play 4-4-2 with Akpo and Forster. Forster seems to have something about him and would work well with Forster in my view.

What a difference when Akpo came on on Monday ( Saturday too mind ). We created a hatful of chances and as we know should have buried Carlisle.

Shelvey got a lot of stick for his misses but he never shyed away and still had the courage to put himself in there, good to see in one so young.

Sodje S had a cracking game and even Mooney made a couple of telling passes during his brief appearance.

Racon and Semedo were again good in midfield. Hate to say it but I wouldn't start with Bailey even if fit next time out. Not going into vital games with both wingers and those two ( R & S when playing well ) is a negative approach.

The result as ever is everything though and my little irritations with team selection won't amount to a heap of beans if we go up !

We'll have to play damn well to beat Southampton and being the pessimist I am I really can't see us getting anything. As ever though I live in hope...........typical pessimist eh ?

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