Friday, 9 April 2010

A Need For Respect

Tomorrow may see a minute's silence in remembrance of the two firemen who tragically lost their lives in Southampton earlier this week. If so, I hope that this is impeccably observed as sadly this wasn't the case for the Bristol Rovers away game. We have a few younger supporters who shamed our club that day.

Someone who'll be getting little to no respect from any of our fans is Pardew. Our former manager became an increasing disaster on almost every level and was well rewarded for his " efforts ".

The JP Trophy win has bought him a stay of execution I think as I believe he's on borrowed time at Southampton. It's not too hard to envisage him not being there in a year's time.

Continuing the respect theme a little does need to be shown to the Saints. They're a good team who'll offer our biggest test since the defeat to the Spanners. However, let's not overdo it and we need to feel free to play our own game and hopefully, an attacking one at that.

I feel that the team that started on Monday, save for Akpo in for Shelvey, should take to the field tomorrow. Forster should play well with Akpo who ought to be able to supply him with chances. The midfield four deserve to keep their places. I thought Sam had a good game on Monday and worked quite hard. I know some may disagree and I've just been prescribed glasses by the way but I really do think he did well !

 I'm really looking forward to this weekend as I'm staying down in Southampton on Saturday night. In addition, I've not been to St Mary's before and it looks like one of the better stadiums.

For a number of reasons we need to win tomorrow. Let's hope the boys give it everything !

Come On You Reds !

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