Sunday 18 April 2010

I Don't Agree With Nick !

No, not you Nick, EVERYONE agrees with you it seems !

A really good performance from the Addicks went unrewarded yesterday. For me, this was the best the team has played for some time. Almost to a man they had good games. Our inability to put the ball in the net allied to and for the second week running a keeper in great form !

My only issue is Nicky Bailey. Talk about square pegs and round holes ! I know left side midfield isn't his position, so does he and it shows. He is tucked inside too much offering no width and has no left foot. I don't think he had a great game yesterday despite his efforts on goal. The free kick wasn't hit with enough pace to truly test the keeper in my view.

We had a natural left winger in Reid on the bench........why not start with him ? He's clearly better than Bailey in that position. Again we were unable to get many crosses from the left and also really attack down that side.

I don't care if Bailey is skipper, if he isn't one of your best eleven players in the system then he don't start ! The Aussies in cricket pick their team and then their skipper. We should do the same.

In addition, I don't think he showed much leadership yesterday. Too busy arguing with team-mates and the referee. Blimey, he was nearly as bad as Chris Martin and that's saying something !

Semedo should not have gone off yesterday. What a game he was having, pulling all the strings in midfield. Racon too was playing very well.

I was pleased to see Randolph continue in goal, he deserves too. Clearly he's gaining in confidence given his fancy footwork when being closed down.........better than some of our outfield players some might argue !

The last three performances should give cause for optimism. If we carry on like that we should give ourselves a good chance of going up whether automatic or not. The spirit seems good. Let's hope it continues as we head to the West Country next Saturday !


  1. I think you have a point , but the player who should be dropped to accomodate Bailey is Racon .
    It doesn't matter that he played resonably well yesterday . He simply isn't as good as Bailey in that position and doesn't score goals

  2. Possibly I just feel that Racon offers more creativity and Bailey sadly seems to have lost his scoring touch at present. For me we need to attack with both wingers.
    Parky could always adopt my favoured 3-5-2 that would allow all 3 midfielders to play but I can't see it somehow !

  3. Good to see someone making this point, Bailey has been very poor since christmas, and to be honest looks like he just isn't captaincy material. That said, having someone in central midfield who will tell Lloyd Sam to get both forward and on the wing in no uncertain terms would be a good idea.

    I wonder if Reid is suffering because he actually did well having been benched, whereas other players haven't appeared to respond well to such treatment?

    Bailey also appears to have brought us one of the curses of the modern game, which I will refer to as the Karkouri effect. It's not clever and it's not Charlton.