Sunday 4 April 2010

Eggcuses, Eggcuses !

Old jokes revisited........why do the French only eat one egg for breakfast ? Because un oeuf is un oeuf !

With wonderful timing at Easter, the Dons assistant manager, Karl Robinson came out with a lot of eggcuses for the the Dons failure to win. A virus in the camp, some players not sleeping overnight, one player straining a hamstring driving in ! Never mind a pretty insipid peformance by his team, our Karl thinks the Dons deserved to win !

Perhaps this is to be expected as his boss Mr Ince still believes the ref cost the game when they lost 5-1 at the Valley !

I'd happily agree that we didn't necessarily deserve the win in a fairly poor game and a draw might have been a fair result. We didn't play well and only really looked threatening when Sam, Shelvey and Akpo came on. However, we suffered enough in some games when things have gone against us so we'll take this win thanks.

I felt that Racon and Semedo played well in midfield. I'd stick with them but feel that Parky will be so keen to play Bailey if fit then one of them or more likely Reid will miss out.

It looksd to me as if Akpo and Forster will provide our best attacking options if McKenzie is not yet at full fitness.

Praise be to Randolph ! He made three eggscellent ( sorry ! ) saves yesterday. I'm really pleased for him and it was great to hear his name sung by our fans. I don't think he's ever wanted to leave the club and has quietly got on with whatever has been asked of him. Well done Darren !

The win leaves us in fifth place, however, the gap has closed up nicely and we're still in there with a remote chance of an automatic promotion slot. I think it may be beyond us, however, if the team can take some confidence from yesterday then we may see an upturn in performances.

For tomorrow I'd like to see Sam in for Wagstaff who in my opinion should only come on for the last 20 minutes of a game. Akpo should come in for Mooney who was again too ineffectual and played too deep.

I thought Shelvey was good yesterday and played with some composure and intelligence. I just don't know how he fits in to our side and it can only be if we play 4-5-1 or my preferred but unlikey 3-5-2.

The result was everything yesterday as it will be in all our remaining games.

Tomorrow is another must win game and we all know that the lads won't let us down and will deliver eggsactly what we want....won't they ?

Come On You Reds !


  1. I'm too pleased for Randolph. Great to know that he had his name sung. He thoroughly deserves this run in the team.

  2. Even Parky had our crowd imploring him to 'Give us a wave'.
    ....... He did too!