Tuesday 27 April 2010

Jonjo A Go Go

Sometimes you just know when you've outgrown a relationship

It seems as though Jonjo is on his way to Liverpool. Good luck to him. It may not be a bad move. He resisted the temptation to move to Chelsea in the summer probably having seen what little good did it Mr Parker.

Liverpool are a much better bet. He may well go out on loan somewhere or if he stays he will probably get a go in the league cup and f.a. cup teams. With any luck the hapless Benetiz will be gone soon and he'll get an opportunity to work under a quality manager who can offer some decent guidance.

Shelvey signed a new contract not long ago and hepled ensure the the Addicks would be reasonably well rewarded when he finally moved on as was inevitable. 

As for the accompanying news that there will be a sharing of up and coming youth players, well we've seen it all before of course. Remember the flow of players between Inter and ourselves ? No ? Neither do I as it never really happened did it ?

Good luck to Shelvey, he's not had a great season with us for various reasons not least because we seemed unable to find a way to accommodate him after the initial few games. However, he is a player of some promise as we all know. I'm sure we'll all be watching to see how his career progresses.

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