Monday 13 September 2021


I didn’t go to The Valley on Saturday due to another commitment. About 1pm I was deeply missing not having a pre-match beer and chatting with friends in anticipation of the game.

Fast forward to 5pm and that feeling had pretty much evaporated! I clearly didn’t miss much other than another insipid display from the Addicks.

I have said before that it’s not so much the losing but the manner of the defeats that matters most.

What I’ve witnessed from my seat, which I believe is the most expensive in League One, certainly hasn’t matched the price tag!

I can’t say I’ve really enjoyed any game I’ve seen this season. I don’t think we played that well when we beat Crewe.

That solitary league win came about as the result of a formation change that saw Stockley partnered up front. Bizarrely the manager chose to revert to the set-up that saw us fail to garner the full 3 points in any previous game!

I fail to understand what Adkins can’t see that the rest of us can. Prior to the game he said that most supporters wouldn’t pick the team he would. Too right! From what unravelled perhaps he should consult with us fans on that!

Further, perhaps he ought to ask us about the formation too because he seemingly can’t get that right either!

After everything the our club has been through in recent years and the world more importantly in respect of Covid this is a crying shame.

Sandgaard appears to be doing the vast majority if things right in respect of rebuilding our club. He’s taken a sensible long term approach that ought to pay dividends.

His Achilles heel is probably not having a trusted CEO in place. It really isn’t something he can partly fulfil himself from so far away. The club needs a hands-on day to day employee undertaking that role.

In addition, I wonder about the influence of Ged Roddy. I assume that in respect of replacing Lee Bowyer, Thomas would have lent heavily on Roddy for advice. Adkins was very much a left field appointment that I don’t think was anyone else’s list of potential candidates.

I am also mystified as to why we hear so little from Johnnie Jackson these days. In previous seasons we had many interviews with him. At present we only hear from him when he’s managed the team to another victory!

As one or two others have observed he doesn’t seem up on his feet in the technical area as he used to. One wonders how much Adkins is using him or listening to him or other members of the coaching staff.

It worries me!

Dave from Drinking During The Game ( made really good point about the recent recruitment process.

He observed from the recent Steve Gallen interview that Adkins doesn’t appear to be too closely involved in the actual players that are brought to the club.

Previously, managers like Bowyer would be very much hands-on and often a major reason for a player coming to Charlton. That doesn’t sound good to me. As a player you’d want to feel very much wanted by your manager surely?

That’s a question perhaps for the Gallen/Roddy meeting next week.

At least Sandgaard was at The Valley on Saturday to witness that poor performance. I suspect he will be starting to have concerns himself. However, if Roddy had indeed recommended Adkins to him then Ged is unlikely to encourage Thomas to get rid very quickly if even results don’t improve.

The owner would do well to seek counsel from a number of different sources.

Should it come to Adkins going then I’d give the job to Jacko. Not out of any sense of sentimentality or being one of our own etc. Simply because he fits the bill perfectly for me.

All that aside he still has a 100% record as a manager!

The next couple of weeks are going to be both challenging and interesting. The gaffer doesn’t have too much more margin for error.



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  1. It was shockin juss shockin. Adkins don't know wot e's doin unlike King Lee who did n gave the players a rocket when they needed one, they get paid loads so none of this upsettin the players King Lee ad it right. I spect JJ would to a better job but if them results don't improve Adkins will be ahrt, nice guy but e aint right for ourn n JJ is more in the mould of Curbs, Lee n I'd ave Queen Katrien back as CEO n all.