Friday 3 September 2021

A Curate's Egg!

The three last minute recruits on deadline day have to a degree rescued what was looking like a lacklustre and disorganised transfer window.

The quality of those signings suggests that it was again Gallen who worked miracles in securing their services, not least in terms of Leko. I feel that Gallen’s relationship with Bowyer had a lot to do with that. I suspect that had it been Roddy who’d approached Bowyer he would have got nowhere.

In some ways our poor start has done us a favour. Had we started the season on fire it may have been harder to convince Thomas that more recruits were needed. It was something of a wake-up call.

I’d love to know what our first choice targets were and how the whole transfer process worked. It still remains a bit of a mystery as to who was doing what. I can’t believe that Gallen’s part in it was only to agree final terms and sort the paperwork!

As yet we’ve failed to secure a left back and back up keeper. All well and good to say we can sign free agents. Of course we can but we’ve desperately needed a left back and still do. One decent cross doesn’t mean that Gunter is the answer, he clearly isn’t!

The same with a back-up keeper. I see some people are arguing that it’s not important and the emergency loan window comes into play.

Really? The keeper’s position isn’t that important? Hmm, I recall it was when MacGillivray started poorly and he was seen to be at fault for a couple of defeats. Perhaps that had he no one threatening his position didn’t help.

In all other areas fans demand back up so why should a keeper be any different? All that aside any back up should be familiar with his defence and know how the team plays when called upon.

It looks a bit reckless to me.   

I didn’t agree with the rush to postpone the Gillingham game. In reality, we were only missing Washington from that game. Now we have a stronger squad and following last week’s win it would have a good time to play them.

Hey ho! At least there’s extra time to work with squad and new additions. I hope we see the fruits of this the next time the team steps onto the pitch.

Hopefully we can start climbing the table and our poor start hasn’t destroyed our chance of at least a top six finish.

We shall see………

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