Tuesday 21 September 2021

The Clock's Ticking!

Mistakes are ok if you learn from them. I think we can all see that and indeed, they are very much a learning opportunity.

We learn more in defeat than victory although if that we truly the case then Adkins would be the wisest manager in League One right now. All the evidence, however, points to the contrary.

It’s hard to believe that our gaffer doesn’t recognise when he’s done right and when he’s done wrong.

Saturday saw him resort to 6 changes and it completely failed. He looks increasingly desperate.

To suggest that he’s thinking about dropping our best, if not, only striker because he can’t get the system to fit is ridiculous. Saturday saw him totally leave out two of the potentially best supply lines. Ok great!

I think most of us would have got rid of Adkins by Saturday at the latest. Thomas probably feels obliged to give him at least two more goes.

Tonight is likely to be part one of last chance saloon. I think even Sandgaard would face up to the inevitable if this continues.

Sadly, to completely right the wrongs he needs to rid the club of Roddy too as there’s little doubt Adkins is his man.

It wouldn’t surprise me if Roddy played a large part in Bowyer leaving. Remember, this is Lee Bowyer he chose to remain at the club despite everything including the most soul destroying Championship campaign which only just ended in relegation.

Whatever your thoughts on Bowyer I think most of would have him now. I was gutted when he left and whilst it wasn’t great on a couple of aspects when he left, I think they arose from the frustration of knowing he wasn’t wanted, at least by Roddy.

As I’ve said ad infinitum, it’s the manner of the defeats and the awful football that annoys me as much as anything. I’m paying top dollar in League One to watch the worst football.

Even a win tonight will only delay the inevitable. Something’s got to give!

Come On You Reds!

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  1. Yeah well ourn didn't win n apart from the 1st arf when ourn were more at the races it was back to deja vu in the 2nd, ere are I love French do you n all. Iss time for Adkins to go, I'm a big fan of King Lee n all but I never remember im avin such a bad run juss 1 win in 8 5 losses. Iss all shockin juss shockin so time for Adkins to say bye bye to our gaff n let JJ take over.