Friday 17 September 2021

Tough Test

Tomorrow, the Addicks travel to leafy Buckinghamshire for a tough looking encounter with Wycombe.

Pleasant setting though it is, this is one of the most awkward grounds to get to. Unless you leave early ( let’s be honest there may be good incentive to do so! ) like the Kazzam Stadium, you may face a lengthy wait to exit the car park.

On the pitch, manager Gareth Ainsworth has done a fantastic job. He got the club up into the Championship and were unlucky to be relegated at the end of the season.

Little doubt that whoever the Addicks play at present would prove to be difficult opposition but Wycombe will offer the sternest test to date.

One hopes that this week’s training has focused on righting the basic wrongs of last week. In addition, hopefully it involved playing with a formation that sees two up front.

I note that Adkins felt there’d been a real energy this week. I never quite understand why managers feel the need to make comments like this especially following the previous week where it had gone up a notch. As last week proved, talk is cheap.

It’s along the lines of “ the lads have trained really hard this week “ as though for the vast majority of time they don’t!

Sometimes it’s best to say nothing much above we’ve looked at the wrongs of last Saturday and worked on correcting them.

Sadly, we’ll be without Inniss as another injury has side-lined him for 2 months at least. The same too for Ronnie Schwartz although that is shrouded somewhat in mystery. Things don’t seem to have worked for him which is a shame as he is clearly more than capable at this level.

Hopefully Arter will be fit enough to be involved and it would good to see Leko start. If he’s fit to do so then Adkins would be mad not to.

Kirk and DJ need to pull their socks up. We seen so little of anything good from them to date.

The worst aspect of this shocking start to the season is the manner of the defeats. That, and the ridiculously low number of shots both on and off target. You’d like to think that Adkins would acknowledge that and seek to address it as you really don’t need a computer to work that out that’s a problem!

Another defeat ought to have Adkins worried about his future. However, as I’ve alluded to before I’m pretty sure he was a Roddy appointment and it appears it is he who Thomas listens to mostly in respect of the footballing matters.

All that aside I’m sure Sandgaard isn’t blind to the awful position we’re in and he hasn’t invested so heavily financially and put so much heart and soul into the Charlton project for it all to go to waste.

If action is needed I suspect he’ll take it.

In the meantime, let’s hope that the Addicks get back to winning ways tomorrow.

Come On You Reds!

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