Tuesday 31 August 2021


a win at last!

Adkins changed to having two up front and Stockley wasn’t left as isolated as in previous games.


The midfield looked more comfortable and the defence more secure. All round a much better performance.


Whilst we can acknowledge that the manager got it right, I’m slightly worried that it took him so long to effect this change.


There were good performances across the whole team and we even saw the much maligned Gunter deliver a delightful left foot cross for the first goal.


An equally superb assist from Washington set up Stockley for a well taken second.


We should have added more in the second half but a combination of good saves and slightly wayward shooting saw our goal tally remain as it was.


We now have a break from league action with the postponement of the Gillingham.


In the meantime, we have a small window to get the players we need to have any chance of challenging at the top end of the table. Hopefully, Harry Arter will be one of those.


Clearly, as a minimum we need a striker, left back and goalkeeper. I’d be amazed if got even that given we appear to have left it so late.


I don’t understand our lack of concern in respect of recruiting a keeper. I get the emergency signing situation but why wait until we’re in such a desperate state.


Should Macgillivray get injured early on in a game it could cost us 3 points that we can ill afford to lose.


That aside, surely you’d want to embed any player and have them upto and familiar with the defence etc.


Let’s see how things pan out.

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  1. Yeah but it looks like Arry is a done deal.