Tuesday 2 January 2018

It's A Funny Old Game........

" not if you're a Charlton fan, Jim ! "

New year but same old Charlton as the Addicks moved seamlessly into 2018 with apparently nothing learned from the previous winless games where we lacked a cutting edge.

The first half yesterday was truly dreadful as the team showed no desire whatsoever and appeared clueless in a totally disjointed and ponderous display.

Marshall looked totally lost and devoid of any confidence or indeed ability to trap or control a football – basic skills for which he is handsomely rewarded.

Holmes poor form continued as he showed no inclination to run at defenders nor have the ability to put in a decent cross or deliver a corner past the first man.

Reeves was truly awful and would have been subbed in an Under 11’s game for losing possession too easily alone.

Passes went astray and there was a total lack of communication.

The defence was all at sea. How Robinson could watch all that went on and do nothing until half time beggars belief. Clearly Aribo at the very least needed to come on after about 20 minutes.

Why young Joe was dropped from the starting eleven in the first place is a mystery. As was the absence of KAG who showed a greater desire to get the ball forward and drive at the defence.

Blame injuries all you want but Robinson’s inability to select the right team or manager the game is costing us. Clearly we have better players than Gillingham and no doubt on more money too but they were better organised and had a greater desire to win.

Their players showed that pride in the shirt that our manager talks about so often like not leaving anything on the pitch. Sadly that’s all it is from Robinson – hyperbole !

Game after game we’re witnessing very average Third Tier teams with smaller squads and budgets to match take points of us. The manager never learns and we go through the same slow build up play that either fizzles out or the chance is missed.

Week after week any reasonably competent manager organises their team and gives it the best chance to get something from the game. Allegedly Robinson went to watch The Gills on Saturday, looks like he’d have been better off going shopping in the sales for a new tank top !

On the flip side we learn that Lovell watched us and soon sussed out how to get in behind us. That was evident in the opening few minutes. That's the problem Robinson it's all so predictable with tactics that almost come off the back of cereal packet !

How can it be that our players repeatedly miss chance after chance ? It can’t be coincidence as neither can the ridiculously high level of injuries. Something must be rotten in the State of Greenwich !!

Wasn’t our tough pre-season meant to leave us with the fittest team in the league ? If it did that has all evaporated. The only player who escapes injury is Magennis which is incredible given that he’s never dropped or subbed.

Robinson debates the finer points of the game post match ! Do you want some ?

There are rumours of the manager offering out one or two fans who dared to suggest that he might adopt a different approach to games. Great ! How dignified if so !

The Gills no.9 ( Eaves ) looked world class compared to Josh yesterday. He gave a masterclass in how to operate in that role.

The second half was better but by then the damage was done and the Gills weren’t as naive as Peterborough to concede two goals late on. I don’t think we have more than about 20 to 30 minutes of decent play in a game all season.

How much longer Robinson has is anyone’s guess. Partly it will depend on whether he ever sits down and looks at what he’s doing and thinks “ you know what I ought to change things “. My guess is he won’t as there’s no evidence of that to date.

Automatic promotion has gone and it appears there’s only the 6th play off spot left as a possibility now. In any case that would seem a futile exercise under Robinson as you can’t see us beating almost any team over two legs leaving aside the Manager’s appalling record in them.

Any kind of repetition against Oldham on Saturday and it’s hard not to foresee a vocal backlash directed at the manager. Bluster and faux passion can only carry you so far. Should we win please spare us the group huddle and associated lap of honour as though we’ve won the league.

I think Robinson now needs to go as everything I feared he would be has been played out. Nothing changes and I simply don’t see any evidence to suggest an upturn in fortunes is on the cards no matter who we get back from injury.

At a time when we should be very optimistic the short term outlook is very grey indeed. Defeat again this Saturday doesn't bear thinking about. We could soon be facing a relegation battle.........how about that.

Given all the goings on lately and seeing ineptitude rewarded it'd be no surprise to see Robinson sacked only to resurface in March as El Supremo at the Camp Nou !

It's a funny old game, Saint !


  1. Or he might be hired by Katrien new supremo at the Owls after an exhaustive search. It is reported he shed tears when she resigned....

  2. Robinson keeping his options open Alan. I'm sure that Katrien could squeeze in another interview!