Sunday 31 December 2017

Happy New Year !

It's got to be a good one hasn't it ?

Following the departure of our CEO and the stories that a takeover from Roly is imminent then Addicks everywhere can start to look towards this new year with greater optimism than for some time.

A lot to happen before then of course but we're getting there. A huge amount of damage to be repaired and it will take a long time but we've bounced back from worse before.

A much needed point was gained at Wigan on Friday. A backs to the wall job as Robinson appreciated than any other approach wasn't going to get a result of any kind.

I can't join one or two in praising the manager for any great degree of tactical insight or even a long awaited Plan B. This was just a manager being pragmatic at best in recognising a poor run of performances and a lack of bodies.

Accusations of parking the bus from Latics fans and I'm sure they're right. We're quick to condemn other teams when they do it so have to accept the flak that goes with it.

That's not to ignore the tremendous effort of the players involved. They had to dig deep to earn that point and it's a point that will count for nought though if we don't now go and win against the Gills and also Oldham on Saturday. Time for the manager to earn his corn. Time for the players to do what they were recruited to do - play some decent football and score some goals.

I don't think I'm asking too much in that after all Robinson likes his reputation whether it's right or wrong for the expansive game. The problem is that expansive seems to be a euphemism for a method of play that involves a lot of possession with little cutting edge or return in the goals for column!

If Robinson has serious aspirations about staying at our club then he needs to start winning games now. Following a tough December a very much easier January looms ahead and a decent haul of points is the minimum expectation. He could hardly ask for a better set of fixtures to do so.

The manager needs to get this transfer window right which is a big ask as it doesn't usually provide any gems. If he is supported then there is a possibility a couple of decent recruits giving some impetus.

Thank you for taking the trouble to read my nonsense this year and if you have commented too. Whilst there's been no shortage of things to write about given the depressing decline of the club it's been hard to be positive and to motivate oneself on occasion. Hopefully that will change with new ownership.

If the manager can improve things ( and stop talking so much ) may be I can be positive about him too !

Thank you to Ketts at Doctor Kish for his support, encouragement and snippets of news allied to good company at matches.

I wish you all and your families a happy new year. Let's hope it sees a significant move forward for our club - the thing that unites us all. Hopefully we can again be as proud as we ought to be of our great  and unique club. 

Come On You Reds ! 


  1. Top top post and yours is a very decent site indeed and yes Doctor Kish I have alot of time for. There are a couple of new refreshing bloggs indeed this year and particularly one a throughly professional and at times extremely funny.
    Yes others become very very stale and very boring, the one sponsored and backed by Charlton Athletic and no names, but they have a so called show on Thursday and a so called live show on Sunday show, but very few selected people get their posts heard that is if one in not childishly blocked (and that is disrespectful to the child) and if different from theirs they simply do not like it, but just love their own comments. LOL you friends with them !!!
    Yes you hear all the Media on many sites having heated discussions and arguments and yes why not, but others have this attitude about stating things are taken personally.
    Soorry do long, but I read with interest your views about on paper a lot of winnable games in 2018 , but we all know how CAFC struggle against these teams but bottom line is IF we manage to get at most 2 players in, but bottom line is this oh so obvious lack of goals and ok great to see possession football at times but it matters a jot if one can not score goals and miss sitters (as and when the chances come)
    Yes we need a Plan B and a Plan C but we shall see in January many things.
    Happy New Year to you

  2. Yes sometimes one has to talk oneself up, even though I am not like that normally, but been abused and one site not mentioned in first post (but only one guess ok) condon vile and disgusting comments on a live CAFC match and someone left the mic on and some people heard what was said!!!
    Yes I was a very very proud Candidate for The Wonderful Valley Party and in the 1960' worked as a volunteer groundman under that great character The Late Sir Maurice Banham.
    Cheers all and A Happy and Healthy New Year 2018 to you

  3. Last one could not see an amend button.
    One final comment honestly yes one site who I have mentioned but not by name (but gave you one guess condones live and vicious personal attacks and say no more, but think they are Gods and never listen to any reasoning to others

  4. Happy new year to you too John. The Addicks do have a habit of losing the easier looking games let's hope they can change that in 2018.