Thursday 4 January 2018

Lesson Learned ?

Karl Robinson seems to quite like saloons indeed he met a few fans in one I recall when he first started. However, one suspects he draws the line at the last chance variety where he really ought to be imbibing now.

Defeat on Saturday at home to Oldham would surely be a point of no return. Some will question who we’d get in to replace or who could do better ( plenty would be my reply to that one ! ) but not changing anything and carrying on regardless really isn’t an option.

Injuries have played a part in our recent awful run but they alone are not the only reason. In any case there must be some reason for us suffering so many injuries. Clearly some players being rushed back too soon is a part of that. For that alone one must look to the manager for being culpable.

I referred in my last piece to our much heralded pre-season and how hard the players were working to get fit. All of that has counted for nothing as I can’t see any benefit mid-way through the season, in fact, exactly the opposite.

Robinson’s continued adherence to his one way of playing certainly hasn’t helped matters nor his ability to manage games as they unfold.

Now, to no one’s surprise save perhaps for Robinson himself we may not have any more money to fund transfers or loans in this window. He’ll have to make the best of what he’s got which doesn’t bode well because he hasn’t been good at that of late.

Fans of Robinson will use the news that there's little to no money for transfers as further excuse on his behalf. I'm not sure he really has 6 lined up with 4 that would walk into the club tomorrow under different circumstances. 

I will acknowledge that it can't help of course. However, if he's going to stay he needs to be as positive as he can and make the most of the situation. I couldn't believe he even referenced KAG not going out on loan if he doesn't get others in.

KAG has done enough to be here anyway but if Robinson's alleged targets don't arrive he's going to need KAG and there's not much chance of him feeling all that wanted with talk like that !

However, the delayed takeover is probably working in Robinson's favour. Roly has no need or inclination I guess to take any action not unless another relegation seems likely to impact the asking price should it all drag on even more.

There's an excellent piece on that subject by Albury Addick at

As he suggests if the takeover isn't completed before the end of January then it might not happen until the summer. Great !

In the meantime surely even Robinson can't fail to put together a team to overcome Oldham on Saturday. Should we fail to do so then we'll be going through the motions for the rest of this season which will condemn it to be as miserable as the last two or three.

Come On You Reds !

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