Thursday 11 January 2018

Elementary My Dear Watson !

Things are a bit of a mess down in S.E. 7. " No s**t Sherlock " I hear you cry !

Funnily enough it's another Mr Holmes that is causing a bit of a stir. Ricky has gone from fans favourite to public enemy number one in one fell swoop !

Is he guilty of leaving a sinking ship or was he backed into a corner with little option. To be honest none of us really knows and only Ricky, his agent and possibly Robinson know the truth.

I would comment that Robinson made clear his desire to sign Carruthers from the Blades. I can't believe that Wilder would not have been after Holmes as part of the deal. Therefore, having made this public if he didn't think it before then Holmes must have been thinking he'd been involved.

It's little wonder then that Ricky's head is turned. Perhaps it's been known for some time, who knows ?

Robinson does seem keen to create MK Dons mark 2 in his attempts to re-assemble the very same players who let him down previously. Quite why you'd want to do that I don't know !

Whatever you can understand Holmes wanting to grab a last opportunity if the interest from Sheffield United is genuine. He may, of course have become exasperated with Robinson and / or the ongoing takeover mess.

Richard Cawley states that there are other disaffected players. It would be strange if this were all down to a protracted takeover and apparent lack of investment. I'd love to know who these other players are and perhaps we'll find out in the fullness of time.

I guess that no one could blame the manager for holding out for a pay out if he gets the boot. I just don't think we need all the rhetoric surrounding it in wanting the best for the club, the fans etc. If he is genuine just get on with the job.

Following the exit from the Checkatrade we return to league action on Saturday against another poor team in Bury. 6 losses on the spin apparently. We really ought to beat them but our recent one win in 9 or 10 games and an unsettled background whether we can get the 3 points is anyone's guess.

To be honest I think even 6th place is beyond us and unless a new owner and manager come in I don't expect that to change. Soon I think we can write off this season as one in which we have just been treading water at best.

In the meantime, 3 points on Saturday would at least keep the embers burning but only just.



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