Friday 19 January 2018

Next Of Kin

Young Liam - you can clearly see the resemblance to his dad !

A return to S.E.7 on Saturday for Kin, Kin, Kinsella ! However, this is Liam, son of the great Mark and a Saddler. Young Liam is a converted midfielder ( what else ! ) who plays at right back. The youngster has just secured an extended contract with Walsall. It'll be interesting to see him in action.

Should Marshall play on the left I wonder how tough his afternoon will be. I wonder that because what I've seen of Marshall of late leads me to believe that Liam won't be extended too much. I wasn't at Bury but it takes more than a 6 yard tap in to win me over ( all credit for being in the right place at the tight time etc. etc. ).

The Addicks return home following two 1-0 wins against poor sides. Amazingly these have got us back in the top 6. You'll forgive me for not checking dates in May just yet ! 

I know I've said this before ( and I'll say it again ) injuries and other matters aside - all of which were not so prevalent at the start of our bad run - some of the football has been dire. My season ticket costs me a lot of money and I'd like to think that at some point I'll be getting better entertainment than that !

Enough already ! Let's look forward. Walsall, Blackpool and Oxford ( who'll be tough ) offer a truer indication of how our season will pan out. Failure to garner less than 6 points will and you can pretty much kiss goodbye to any extension of our season.

Despite the departures ( and I'd still love to know the background to Ricky going ) we still have a pretty decent squad and one that ought to be capable of more than we've seen of late. Labouring to victory over two of the worst teams in the league isn't going to set pulses racing.

It's reported that we're due to get some lad from Palarse on loan. It's the best we can expect at the moment I guess but we really need a striker of course if we are able to bring anyone in. That must be the priority surely ?

Magennis, I assume, is to continue in the team. Amazing ! What can you say about last week's attempt to lob the keeper except.......oh dear ! Josh is set to make Leaburn look prolific ! Might be time to dust down and update those " I saw Leabun score ! " t-shirts !

The best his supporters can now say about him is much work he does defensively winning crucial headers. Great ! How about trying to nod one in the oppo's goal ! 

If we lose Konsa as seems likely then we could probably do worse than stick him in the back four. That would relieve the pressure on Robinson as he persists in playing him and he might just have a valid reason to do so.

The long awaited takeover appears set to become an even longer awaited takeover with no clear bidders amongst a misty sea of various characters linked by a similar name. I fully expect to see Hope Lange in the directors box on Saturday with occasional appearances from Edward Mulhare coinciding with inclement weather ! 

Added excitement is to be had by guessing the number of subs on the bench. Throw in the element of those on it who are actually fit to play and you see what a fun afternoon is to be had ! Who needs face painters and garage music eh ?

A number of people have highlighted how unrealistic Roly appears to be in his attempts to secure his asking price. As they point out the value of something really isn't what you paid for it but its worth now. Having made such a pig's ear of running our club it can only be a lot less than he paid.

I do hope that the people behind ROT follow through with their plans in the election that involves Roly even if he has sold long before then. That's spiteful and vindictive you might say and in one you capture the very essence of his approach to us and our club now. Therefore, don't let up. In the name of Bart........go for it !

I'm really not anticipating a great game on Saturday but life is full of surprises so I'll try and be optimistic and hope that Robinson isn't outsmarted again by a club with more limited resources than's just at the beginning of a new year after all. Here's hoping !

Come On You Reds !



  1. Keep the faith ,...

    1. I will anon. After @ 50 years it’s a bit late to give up now eh!

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