Monday 2 November 2015

Consistency !

Ain't that the truth Christine !

If you were seeking greater consistency from the Addicks then you can’t say you haven’t been rewarded in the last 3 games. Each of them has been lost 3-0. However, we can do without consistency of that kind thank you very much.

Tuesday sees us playing the Dons and the closest away game for me. Even if my efforts to support the lads only involves a 10 minute car journey I don’t think anyone would deny it’s still a big ask ! At the moment most of us wouldn’t bother to draw the curtains if the lads were playing in the back garden !

Never mind, as I said in my last post, the players do need our support and with that in mind I shall be cheering them on. No matter what the outcome I’ll not be booing our boys. I never have despite being severely tested on many occasions over many years of supporting Charlton. There really is no point.

Saturday’s 3-0 loss had an air of inevitability about it and I doubt we’d have won even had we been on a good run. Sadly, there don’t appear to be any positives to take from the game with a number of Boro fans citing us as the worst team to play the Smoggies for many a year ! Oh dear !

My optimism that Karel may not be as bad as many fear looks somewhat misplaced. Talk of smiling faces, getting fit and only being able to field eleven players at any one time really isn’t cutting the mustard, On the contrary, it’s more like cutting the cheese…it stinks.

Whether Roland and Co are desperately seeking a more qualified and suitable replacement is unknown but the silence speaks volumes so it’s probably safe to assume they’re not.

We’ve been here before of course and most will remember Parky’s “ trial period “ where he garnered 3 points from a possible 24 which was sufficient for him to get the job ! Those 3 points, you may recall, did not come about as the result of a win, I believe they were 3 draws……..boy, they must have been good ! At least at that time I think it’s safe to say there really wasn’t any money to get anyone else in.

Rumours that many managers wouldn’t touch us with a barge pole whilst Poirot’s countrymen remain in charge is concerning although understandable. Anyone worth their salt won’t be considering a move to S.E. 7…………..cue Malky Mackay !

That a number of our normally reliable players are now regularly turning in sub-standard displays is a further concern. If Skip managers to rally the troops and gets us out of this mess then it will be his most remarkable achievement to date.

Tuesday’s opponents are not on a great run themselves. Manager Karl Robinson will bleat on about having a small budget, limited squad whilst at the same time bemoaning every referee’s decisions……..on occasions he makes Mourinho sound quite balanced !

Robinson has for some time been telling anyone who’ll listen that Simon Church is a prolific goal scorer and he’s about to explode ! Clearly he never watched Churchy last season then. Of course sod’s law dictates that he’ll bag a goal or two against us…he won’t get a better opportunity.

Another old player we come up against tomorrow is Diego Poyet. Nearly all Champ sides would love to have him in their squad ( another reason to dismiss Robinson’s comments about his squad when you see a player of that calibre in their team ) and it’ll be sad to see him not wearing the famous red shirt.

I know some have issues with the manner of his leaving but I understand he wanted to stay but wasn’t given a serious offer and the departure of Riga also played a big part in his decision to leave.

Even playing another side on a poor run I can’t see us getting anything from this one and let’s not even think about Saturday ! Fortunately, I’m devoid of both a study and a revolver ! However, I do own three cats, it’s just a question of which one to kick. I’ll probably end up kicking all three, one for each goal in Church’s hat-trick !

Come On You Reds !

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