Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Feeling Like...........

A Limbo Dancer........and that's really low !

If ever there were a performance or result to indicate just how far we’ve fallen then it was duly delivered last night. An inability to score, never mind get any kind of result against a poor Dons side was about as bad as it gets.

No other side is going to keep losing games like us and that we now find ourselves 4 points adrift of the sides above us is no surprise.

In all my years supporting the club I don't think I can recall such awful football. Allied to that I've not seen one of our sides with players so clearly at odds with each other. 

This is about as depressing as it gets because I really can’t see things changing. Whatever the plan is with Fraeye it needs to end now because it’s clearly not working. That may seem harsh over just two games but one can’t help but think that had Luzon stayed then it couldn’t have been worse…………at least Guy had some passion !

However, I’m not naïve enough to believe we’ll see any response, immediate or otherwise.

Lloyd Dolyley was watching from the stands yesterday, I doubt he’s chomping at the bit to sign up now !

Karl Robinson can have no complaints about last night’s officials. The ref couldn’t wait to award fouls against us and usually this was followed up by a yellow card. In addition, he failed to award us anything for the most blatant of fouls. Added to which the lino got at least 4 offside decisions wrong that really angered our boys.

On a night where everyone and everything seemed to be sponsored I half expected to hear that the officials were sponsored by the MK Citizen !

One wonders if they read Robinson’s comments from the weekend where he criticised the referee. Whatever, it was a truly shocking display that managed to match that of our players !
The proposed meeting with Katrien and Murray ( whenever it occurs ) will no doubt be a non-event. Lip service will be paid in large amounts. Sod that ! We need actions not words !

Clearly we need a proven Championship manager and players. They don’t have to cost the earth. There are plenty available if there’s the desire to get them.  What wouldn’t you give to see Roger Johnson, Eagles, Ben Haim, etc. out on the pitch now ?

The decisions and rush to get rid of them was more short-sighted than even Mr Magoo could manage !

We seem to have picked up some injuries yesterday to further add to the woe. I’m really not looking forward to Saturday. At least a couple of beers may help to numb the pain.

I’ve tried to remain optimistic but I’m really struggling now. This morning I contacted some builders to enquire about that study and the revolver is on order !

P.S. I see that Chris Powell has been sacked by Huddersfield. That is ludicrous. They were only a few minutes away from an away win at Reading last night. Proof, I guess, that the madness isn’t confined to S.E.7 !

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