Friday 30 October 2015

Interesting Times

Was it one of Jonathon's ?

Interesting times indeed. Life is never dull in S.E.7. Not for us season after season of mid-table obscurity. If we have haven’t replaced at one manager during the season then it just wouldn’t be the same.

There is certainly a vast amount of unrest with the sacking of Luzon being the latest catalyst for that. However, what has really changed and wasn’t his dismissal what a lot of fans wanted ?

I liked Guy and it was to a degree sad to see him go as I thought he had us playing some good football at times. Rather like Bob Peeters things started to go awry and he seemed incapable of turning things around. Of course injuries ( mostly long term ) took their toll on our paper thin squad. Throw in the odd suspension or two and you really are hampered. Interesting to note that Igor is now near a return btw…..

However, as I said earlier, what has really changed. As at the end of August having beaten QPR and Hull at home we still had a weak squad in terms of numbers at least. We still hadn’t heard from Roland or indeed very much from Katrien. It was safe to assume that Roland’s ambitions / aims or whatever you want to call them hadn’t changed much if at all.

Fast forward to October and the removal of Luzon and the appointment of our one time assistant manager and it’s Armageddon. There was no surprise that Roland was going to make an internal appointment, for the interim manager at least.

That some folk are angry that the appointment would be made permanent if successful is surprising. There has to be some incentive for Karel and his right hand man, there’s little point in giving them the jobs otherwise.

I’m not fussed where he’s come from and if you pressed me I couldn’t say other than it’s a Belgium team of course. However, he was part of a successful duo before and I’m for one would have been very happy if Jose Riga had come over with him.

No one knows how this is all going to pan out. May be it’ll be the big disaster that many are forecasting. On the other hand we may have acquired Morecombe rather than Wise or Skinner as opposed to Baddiel !
We ought to be reassured that Jason Euell has been brought into the management team, that is important. Hopefully that was Fraeye’s decision and if so, it’s to be applauded.

Karel does at least know most of the team and will be aware of individual strengths and weaknesses. In addition,  his previous experience at the club and this very same situation ought to stand him in good stead……he’s been here before. Despite rumours to the contrary Karel is quite able to converse in the mother tongue.

I’m not a Duchatelet apologist, far from it but in reality as I said at the beginning, what has really changed from those heady days in August ? That's not me ignoring all the issues surrounding Roland's ownership and if fans want to protest then I understand that.

I think rather than voice any dissatisfaction during the games, support for the players remains important and the priority. Any negativity will no doubt affect them and they don’t need telling or reminding about the current situation or the general view of Duchatelet.

I can’t subscribe to the view that it’d be good if Fraeye’s tenure is a disaster and we get someone else in. For one there’s no guarantee that will happen and by its end we may be cut off and it’ll be too late to avoid the dreaded drop.

Hopefully we can get something from Middlesbrough and MK Dons on the Tuesday. That at least will be something to build on for whatever follows. 

Come On You Reds !

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