Thursday 8 January 2015

Where Seagulls Dare !

It's Steven......Steven Seagull......
I note that the club are doing a special food deal on Saturday. Amongst the offerings is cut price fish and chips. Do we never learn ! Those pesky seagulls will swoop down an be off with them quick as a flash leaving tearful children all round S.E. 7. 

Come 5pm and they could be joined by thousands of tearful adults should the footballing seagulls make off 3 points in their beaks ! 

As we’ve seen from various reports all is not well within The Addicks’ dressing room. Stories of unrest and rumours of Bob and at least some players not seeing eye to eye are not good.
Further suggestions that the manager may be replaced soon don’t help either even if they don’t appear to hold much water. 

There have been some signings this week and normally that would in itself raise spirits and be cause for a little optimism at least. However, that these are mostly from within the network dulls that a little. This is exacerbated when the individuals concerned have not exactly been pulling up any trees of late ! 

It’s only right that we reserve judgement of course. Despite an apparent suspect temperament, Watt clearly has some talent and we have to hope that this will come to the fore and that Bob can get him focused. 
Ketts on Doctor Kish reported that Bob has been on a scouting this week. Let’s hope that he is allowed to bring in a few more as we desperately need reinforcements.
I do believe that Bob has potential as early start saw him make an immediate and positive impact. Of late though as problems have arisen he has shown something of a lack of judgement. 

It’s in these difficult times you need to show your mettle and earn your corn. We’d all acknowledge a paper thin squad but you need to make the most of whatever hand you’re dealt. The recent lack of consistency in team really doesn’t help. Neither does what appear to be instances of poor man management. 

Our skipper epitomises what Charlton is all about and it’s a mistake to fall out with or alienate him. Quite the reverse I’d suggest as I’d keep him close and make him one of my main confidants. Jackson is a vital link between Bob and the players and also the fans. Use him well ! 

Our recent run means that Saturday’s game has become rather important and 3 weeks ago Brighton would have been ideal opposition. However, Hyypia has now gone, Nathan Jones did an excellent job of a short term fix and the capable Chris Hughton in now at the helm. 
Following the departure of Hyypia Brighton’s fortunes have seen an upturn. Not least in that O’Grady is scoring again following his recall from loan and we’ve got Nathan Jones to thank for that ! 

At least we won’t have to face Darren Bent as nice as it would have been to see him grace the Valley turf one more.

Last time out we were doubled dunked and hopefully we won't see a repeat of that. Please God that we don't go a goal up early on and try to hold on. We need to be more adventurous from the outset and keep going for it.

I've really no idea what side Bob will put out. I do hope we see Watt at some stage. Aside from that we need to play players in their preferred and most suited positions.

It's crunch time, the chips are down, we need a top effort from all concerned because this'll be a tough one.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Zonal marking didn't work with Dunk last time hopefully this time we don't give him the freedom