Tuesday 6 January 2015

Bud and Lou React To Charlton's Latest Signing

Abbott: How do you how do you like my football club Lou?
Costello: Hey, I hear they've signed a new player ?
Abbott: Certainly.
Costello: Who is he ?
Abbott: Watt.
Costello: I said, who is he ?
Abbott: Watt !
Costello: Who's the new player ?
Abbott: No, Watt's the new player
Costello: What's the new player ?
Abbott: Yes !
Costello: What or who is the new player ? 
Abbott: You sure gonna get me mad ! I've already told you Watt's the new player !
Costello: Oh I know they give those football players awful funny names.
Abbott: You think that's funny ? Just wait till he joins the St Louis Wolves baseball team !

Next week :- Bud and Lou discuss former Addick Darren Pitcher's move to baseball..........

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