Wednesday 14 January 2015

How Do You Make A Belgian Waffle ?

Unlike the waffle above the head coach fiasco wasn't at all savoury.

The answer to the question is of course to tell her that the head coach is safe, there are no plans to sack him and then do exactly that a couple of days. This having allowed her to go to print first.

Follow that up by getting her to relay to the fans that thoughts of a dismissal hadn't crossed anyone's mind until Sunday. Add to that a large dollop of how the search for his successor will be an exhaustive one and one that most be got right for the long term future of the club.

There you have the perfect waffle and the egg seen above is perfect for putting on Katrien's face. 

Either Ms Meire knew what was to happen along or she was made to look rather silly by Roly. If it's the latter then I feel sorry for her. However, at least she gets paid for having to swallow and recycle this nonsense. Us fans are are paying HIM for the privilege !

Now, we all know pretty much how Roly likes to run his football clubs. No problem with that it's his prerogative. Move all staff around clubs, keep costs low and invest in youth. That's my understanding of how Roly plays things. 

I like many others are not impressed with being taken for fool and fed a load of b*****it. I'd rather he was straightforward making it clear what he intended to and say I said it's his prerogative.

The " long term " future of the playing side of the club has seen Luzon rewarded with an 18 month contract. I wasn't expecting one of Pardewesque proportions but only a mayfly would view 18 months as long term.

Roly's search for new head coaches extends to looking down the back of his sofa and seeing who's there. A little silly really as he has invested quite heavily in our club. One presumes he wants to see a return on his investment or to break even at least. 

I've no issues with Guy Luzon and like the similarly Roly appointed Jose Riga he may turn out to be rather good. However, to give yourself and the club the best chance then surely you'd look for a tried and tested football league manager. Hell, at the very least you'd swallow your pride and go to Riga with the biggest of olive branches.

A proven manager like Mick McCarthy for example shows you what you with someone like that. He's spent next to nothing and got the club at the top of the league. The football may not be the best but it's not that bad and winning beats the hell out of losing.

Manager like Mick also have a wealth of knowledge and contacts to back that up. They know who can do a job for them and where to get them.

This whole episode is a sorry one and I was more surprised with the outcome of James Cameron's Titanic movie ! 

As I say his football model and the appointment of Luzon may ultimately turn out for the good but at the moment it doesn't look too clever. I am concerned......



  1. Phil, a very good post.... as Addicks we should ALL be concerned at what has gone on this week and what will happen in the next few weeks on the pitch.
    All being well the team will pick up 9 points from the next 3 games and the season will be back on track.... but life is never that simple, is it?

    I think that Katrien is a victim of timing and the owners' less than honest approach in this fiasco. Obviously what she wrote in Saturday's programme (which presumably went to the printers mid-week) was superceded by fast-changing events at the whim of one man. She, along with the supporters, has I feel been badly treated, but as you say - at least she is paid to be in that position!

    The plans and time span coming out from the Valley just don't add up - thousands of Charlton supporters aren't stupid. Although in Roland's weird footballing world 18 months is a life-time given that so far he's moved on managers within six months of working with them 3 times in the last year!!

    The best applicant wasn't selected for the job - indeed there wasn't time for some to even throw their hat into the ring! In Roland's mind it was a done deal, at some stage Bob was going and he was going to be replaced by Luzon.

    Ok, we are where we are, and I for one don't like it. We have an untried manager who knows little of Championship football apart from what he's seen on one trip to the Valley and on tv. He has "previous" with a number of players in the squad, who are reportedly not happy with the appointment. He likes winning and doesn't like losing....mmmm.

    What happens next if he just gets 3 points from our the next 3 games (and I can see that being just 1 point...)? Does he get booted out and Jose Riga rides in to the rescue - again?

    At some point Duchatelet has got to stop playing musical chairs between his clubs and use someone with expertise of the Championship. Who better than Curbs? How about a compromise with Curbs coming in as Director of Football helping out Luzon? I don't even know if Curbs would be interested in such a position - if he's not how about Keith Peacock doing the job?

    The Championship is a very competitive, tough league. It may well be second level in this country but the standard of football is above that of many European countries first division.
    The Belgian league doesn't, in my mind, compare to the demands of the Championship - a competition of 46 tough games, week in and week out. Our manager knows little about the league - I hope he gets lucky but he's going to be up against some wily old foxes in the opposition dug-outs very soon indeed.

    As for the long term, well, I want my football club back. I don't want it to be the play-thing of a millionaire who shuffles managers and players about between balance sheets not because it makes football sense but it looks good in the accounts.
    Charlton is, or was, a special club. Will we ever get it back? The jury is well and truly out on that, but things aren't looking good at the moment....

  2. Curbs will not come back to Charlton under RD.

  3. Curbs has already talked himself out of the job by telling it as it is and he has too much money and experience to kow-tow to RD. Knowing the game and the league he would have to challenge RD's wisdom within 5mins. Great that he's held in such esteem still, perhaps one day. KM. tells us we "must accept" how desperate. RD is Charlatan FC.