Sunday 9 March 2014

We've Had Better Weekends

Every which way you look at it, it was an awful couple of days. We've sunk to the bottom of the league as all about us won on Saturday and produced an insipid display today.

Thankfully I enjoyed a good night on Saturday. Stopping just outside Sheffield we found a decent little pub serving equally decent ale. At the end of the night a geezer popped out to Domino's and brought us back a pizza and potato wedges for the princely sum of £10. Good Yorkshire hospitality.

We sauntered down to the city in the morning and got breakfast prior to entering the ground. After that it all went rather downhill.

Before and after the game it seemed that the entire South Yorkshire Police force were there to keep us all in order. You could sense a load of aggression and hate bubbling just under the surface eh ? Ridiculous. Clearly they'd made plans for a Sheffield derby and policed today's game in the same manner. Many of the boys in blue coping with the tough gig that is keeping us Addicks in check in lovely sunshine, nice work if you can get it.

I looked forward to the game all week sensing this was our best chance to progress to an FA Cup semi in my lifetime aside from the whole experience. We were so flat and lacking in ideas.

I remain mystified as to why Chris still plays Cousins wide right, we all know he can't play there. Why didn't Astrit start ? Our most creative player. Surely he should have come on at half time at the latest. Tudgay offered little and was largely anonymous.

As I recall the last time Wilson played in midfield he scored two goals, Cousins has played a right back in his " youth ". Equally, Nego could have played at right back.

We had to go for it today but as ever we were too cautious. There were so many bad performances it'd be unfair to single out anyone.

Now we face what seems to me a monumental task to stay in the championship. I can't see where our goals are going to coming from. We must approach all future games in a much more positive manner and the lads are going to have to give their all twice a week in every game.

It doesn't seem as though we're going to be getting any loans in. I gather we've been trying but despite having pretty much agreed terms with some they are opting to go elsewhere.

I know this is all very negative but right now it's hard to be remotely positive about anything concerning CAFC and I've not even mentioned the 2014/15 season ticket farce !

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