Monday, 17 March 2014

Any Chance Of A Goal ?

Good to see you Mr Obika

You know what it's like you get one nil-nil game and the another comes along soon after. Hopefully for us Addicks it won't be exactly like buses and happen in threes. Maybe there is cause for some optimism that we might actually score following the arrival of Jon Obika on loan.

Obika proved quite a success last season when he was previously on loan. He looked a good player with pace and scored some decent goals. He should prove to be a more than usual acquisition. One would hope that more are to follow. 

Saturday's goalless game at Millwall sounded like a poor game but one has to take the view that at least we didn't lose as so often is the way no matter whether we play them home or away. Denying them the win may prove crucial at the end of the season. It has heaped pressure on them and if we win tomorrow night then the result will look even better.

The continued presence of Hamer in goal suggests that rumours that Roland is picking the team are proving, like many other Roland rumours, to date unfounded. How times change eh ? For some folk Roland has gone from being the messiah to the devil incarnate inside 3 months. 

A number of folk seem to be letting their imaginations run wild. The owner allegedly has all manner of fiendish plans for our club. I prefer to see how things pan out before I start to worry too much.

Of course the main catalyst for all the angst of late was the dismissal of Chris Powell. Some will cite the sale of Stephens and Yann but in reality it is Chris's departure. I love Chris as much as any Charlton fan, I've not met one that has a bad word or anything but the utmost respect for him. However, a sense of perspective is needed and I could only see us getting relegated if he stayed. 

I don't think appointing a manager with no experience of the English league is a good move but to date Riga isn't making a total pig's ear of it so far and I'm happy to proved wrong.

There has been talk of season ticket strikes and other action of an unspecified nature. I can't see that as of yet anything too outrageous has occurred to warrant that. Perhaps if and when it does then one might say that something might need to happen.

In my opinion all concerns can and should be addressed via the Trust as I thought that its raison d'etre is to represent the fans. I believe that it has a meeting scheduled with Katrien within the next few days. 

The formation of a separate group with as yet no specified aims, to me, serves only to dilute any concerted voice ( no pun intended ) for the fans. In addition, it seems to me to undermine the trust itself despite what some of its prominent members may say. It just seems unnecessary..........perhaps I'm being naive.

Onto tomorrow's game and the visit of the Cherries. it won't be an easy game but it will be better if Yann isn't playing. I don't think he'd relish playing against us and neither would we. However, we can fully expect to see at least one ex-Addick return in the shape of Simon Francis. He was not particularly good for us but has it appears improved during his time at Bournemouth. Recent highlights of their games seem to suggest that he's provided something of a goal threat and has been unlucky not to score....what odds on him doing so tomorrow !

I do so hope that Obika starts tomorrow night. Other than that I don't imagine too many other changes unless other new folk arrive. Let's hope we can go get that win as it'd be a great boost especially with the arrival of Burnley on Saturday.

Come On You Reds !


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