Wednesday 19 March 2014

Dorian Puts Himself In The Picture....

Everyone likes a Double D. He doesn't seem to age at all, does he ?

and the crowd went Wilde ! 

I'll take a late goal to win 1-0 any day of the week and no more so than for the rest of this season. It had the look and feel of yet another nil-nil until our French hero nouveau popped up in time added on. Tres bien monsieur !

In the first half we struggled to get going, rarely creating any clear cut chances. Green might have fluked a goal but his misplaced cross struck the near upright and Obika had a snap shot comfortably held by Camp. Most of the opening period saw Church on his own up front with little chance of any support.

Things changed with the introduction of Obika who proved to be every bit as good as I recalled form last season. Strong and able to hold the ball up and with plenty of pace he allowed us to get a foothold in the game. If he stays injury free he can go a long way to ensuring we stay up.

The introduction of Sordell meant we carried an additional threat. I was surprised that it was Sordell and Obika who played wide as part of the front three. I was further surprised that Church played the full ninety but I guess with relentless slog of fixtures it makes sense to get the most out of the squad.

Poyet was once again immense. My word the boy has some talent not to mention strength and maturity beyond his tender years. It's a crying shame he's not contracted beyond this summer. I also wonder why when we've struggled for so long for most of the season that we didn't see him in the first team earlier although I guess to an extent Cousins would have blocked his path..

Wilson had another solid game at right back although I would like to see him further forward in the absence of a natural winger. Lawrie took a hefty knock in the first half but to his credit he soldiered on. 

I thought the ref last night was awful. I'm convinced he's got a Boscombe beach hut such was his favouring of our visitors. Amongst some of the farcical incidents was him pointing the wrong way when finally giving us a decision. Towards the end of the game I noticed him urging Hamer to hurry up when Ben had the ball in his hands in open play ! Ludicrous !

I'm not sure exactly how games Jackson has played in how many days but fears that his legs are gone are to date proving unfounded. Yes, he's not got pace but he keeps going. Johnnie played a captain's role and he was really geeing the lads up ( each and every one of them ) with about 10 minutes to go. Fantastic !

I was pleased that Yann got a good reception last night, he deserved that. I among others did wonder if he was putting in 100% yesterday, for once I'd like to think not !

Some folk argue that our football hasn't changed much since Chris's departure but to me we appear to possess more urgency with a desire to pass more when we can. For example, I don't recall our centre backs dropping back to receive the ball from Hamer in the past. In fact, Ben's penchant to kick the ball direct to our front line used to vex me considerably.

Hamer is now looks to release the ball a lot quicker. Sordell looks more keen and is getting more opportunity. Substitutions are quicker and tactically better. However, you look at it and big an admirer of Chris you are you have to acknowledge that.

In the lead up to Jackson's free kick I said to my lad that we could do with Yann taking it as I reflected on his goal from the identical position on Boxing Day. In the end skip's effort was pretty damned good and of course. we scored from the resulting corner.

What a splendid header from Dorian. I, like everyone else, went bonkers ! So much so that I almost missed Hamer's celebrations as he run into the crowd just in front of me in the east stand ! 

The celebrations at the end were just as good and the spirit clearly remains good. It was a vital win especially in view of the games that lie ahead. It's a big ask to keep producing that level of effort over the remaining few weeks but we simply have to if we are to survive.

Another addition or two would help in that regard and if they are of the quality of Obika then that'll do me fine.

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