Saturday, 8 March 2014

Big Game Ahead !

This just goes to show how versatile an actor Sean is, almost unrecognisable in fact.

It's well known that Sean Bean is a Blades fan. Fair play to him he was spotted at the MK Dons game last week and if he makes the effort to appear there then his credentials are good. I thought wearing the red tunic was a tad OTT though.

I've had a very busy week which has left little time to think too much about tomorrow although like the rest of you it was never too far away from my thoughts.

Make no mistake and this FA Cup quarter final is a massive game. I hope that the financial rewards emanating from a possible win would be used to finance some loans players for the enormous slog of a league programme that lies ahead. Recent events have cast doubt on that. I'm not sure that Roland fully appreciates how difficult it is to escape League One.

If we go down then I can't see him splashing the cash as I think he'll look to use the youth players. All well and good upto a point but the better ones ( Cousins and Poyet immediately spring to mind of course ) probably won't be here and who could blame.

The other aspect of a win tomorrow is that it can breed more confidence. We're going to need every bit of that for the battle ahead of us.

A poor performance and disappointing loss tomorrow will be a right kick in the nads and one which might prove fatal to our Championship status. However, that's for another day.

My main worry for tomorrow is not injuries etc but our kit. To date our cup wins have been achieved when we're wearing our all red kit. I believe it an all black affair at Bramall Lane.

Whatever, let's enjoy the day and pray that the lads can secure a win and let us all have a date at Wembley. If so, please let it be Everton.

I'm stopping just outside Sheffield tonight with fellow ANEM reporter Clive ( the penalty king ) and we'll saunter into the city tomorrow morning.

If you're going have a safe journey. Remember to bring your singing voices to let them know that Charlton are in town.

Wherever you are watching, let's hope it all comes together for us.



  1. White shorts i believe. They might just save us..........................Daggs

  2. Spot on Daggs. Black/white/black will be the kit, last worn at Cardiff last season.

    Enjoy your night in Sheffield Phil, see you tomorrow.