Tuesday 13 December 2011

One All At Walsall

A Point Gained

You can't win 'em all as they say so best look at Saturday's result as a point gained. We've been on such a great run that ti would be churlish to view as much else. Walsall were never going to do anything other than work hard for whatever they could get given their league position.

I wasn't at the game and have nothing to add to what's already been said. However, I was somewhat surpirsed to see Euell take precedence over Hayes and to a lesser extent Smith. Along with most other Addicks I've a great affection for our record signing but affection and sentiment doesn't win you games of football. He may have scored in the cup the week before but to be fair it was served up on a plate and as Geoffrey would say " my old Gran could have scored that ! ". Even then it just trickled over the line.

No doubt Sir Chris thought that the goal would re-ignite our Jas but I'm afraid I can't see that happening. Hayes and indeed Smith offer a more potent threat. In fact we really ought to question given that we needed a goal why Euell didn't come on. In what scenario would Jason come off the bench then ? When we were winning by a goal or two ? Was he going to come on to slow things down or use his experience to see out the game ? It seems a bit illogical.

I hope that Hayes or Smith take the place of Euell on the bench on Saturday. Sir Chris could of course not put a keeper on the bench and play the extra outfield player. Sadly for me I rather doubt either of those coming to pass.

I was pleased to see that Russel had a good game. He should be a useful addition to the team and hopefully become a permanent signing come January.

Next week we entertain Oldham and this is one that we definitely ought to win for a variety of reasons. Not least amongst those is that Oldham have played midweek last week and this. Tonight they play Southend for the privelege of playing Liverpool in the F.A. cup third round. Oldham have a sufficient tally of points not to be too concerned about relegation whilst not quite threatening to push on for promotion. Therefore, it's safe to assume that they'll be going all out to win tonight. We can but hope for extra time and perhaps penalties.

Come 4.55pm on Saturday if we haven't won, unlike last Saturday, I'm going to be very disappointed. Of course, I don't really have to worry as this is Charlton and it wouldn't be like them to ruin my Christmas now would it ?


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