Friday, 30 December 2011

Friends Re-united

Super Kevin Lisbie - still the only Jamaican international to score a Premiership hat-trick. We'll never forget that day will we !

Yes, tomorrow we are re-aquainted with not only Super Kev but also Mooney, Cook and Spring sounding like a firm of solicitors but all of whom have plied their trade with the Addicks at one time or another.

Young Kevin ( 22 years old now you know - my how time flies ! ) as Curbs used to call him was a player we let go far too soon in my opinion. Having watched him week in week out in the Prem not quite cutting the mustard it seemed nonsense to release him hen we got relegated when he might actually score a few. He was always good enough at Tier 2 level as he went on to prove with Colchester. One of Pardew's many irrational decisions eh.

Mooney is a player I never really rated and in contrast to SKL has not really proved me wrong. Scored a cracking goal in the play off semi with Swindon but all too late I'm afraid.

We will also meet up with Lee Cook and Matthew Spring. Cook flattered to decieve I thought...amazingly he's still on loan from QPR ! Spring I liked, always hard-working and giving 100% - a solid and reliable player although I don't think we saw the best of him.

Tomorrow then and we're live on Sky at the Barry Hearn Matchroom Carlsberg Flats Brisbane Road Stadium or somesuch. Good old Barry has decided not to lower the prices for this one despite it being played at 5.20pm on new year's eve and live on Sky.....hmm the man who has transformed snooker and boxing ( so Baz says anyway ! ) didn't think it prudent to do so. I guess we're a big draw but nonetheless he might have got more punters in had he done so.

BTW I note that Eddie Hearn is couldn't be that he's, of course not and I was silly to even entertain the idea.

What of the O's then ? Well aside from the aforementioned quartet with Charlton connections there's also Jamie Jones ( cue Clash song in your head for the rest of the day ) who dropped a clanger aginast us last season as I recall. I'm sure he'll want to atone for his error.

Defender Tony Craig has just returned to Millwall who he was on loan from. An adjustment needed in defence for them.

As far as I know ( which is bu**er all eh ! ) we've no new injuries although Danny Boy Green is suspended following the yellow card picked up in the West country. Oh well, he'll be fresh on Monday at least.

Whether Wagstaff has recovered from ankle knack remains to be seen. Jackson is on the verge of returning although Sir Chris may not want to bring him in just yet. Perhaps a place on the bench for Skip.

The gaffa has other options should he decide to swop players around, Evina is a possibility and Pritchard looks like he could do a job on the wing to me. Mr Powell will be keen as we all are that BWP returns to scoring goals.......we really need him to be full of confidence.

The O's will be hurting from their loss to the Dons.....fancy being beaten by a bunch of professors....that'll teach 'em. Therefore, they'll want to bounce back. In any case this is always another tough place to go. Sadly after being at our last two visits I'm not there tomorrow. Please say hello to the chap in the home area wearing the United shirt if you're going.

This is another game where we really ought to win. The first goal will be crucial, if we get it then the game should open up allowing us to play with a bit more freedom as there should be more space. If they get it then it'll be similar to the Yeovil game I suspect with the home side defending and holding on to what they have.

We've done the business consistently away from the Valley this season and let's hope that buoyed by own terrific away following we can bring home the 3 points....a good perfomrance would be the icing on the cake.

This is my last post of plans to post post Orient before the new year ! My thanks to everyone who blogs...I really enjoy reading the thoughts of others and the occasional pieces on the authors lives away from the Valley. We are a pretty diverse bunch but all with the one same passion ( or troubled shared as Dave from DDTG puts it ).

Big thanks to Ketts for his continued interesting and informative articles on an almost daily basis. He's the man in the know for sure !

Thanks to anyone who takes the time to read anything what I have wrote as Ernie Wise might have said. Thanks for any comments you may have left.......clearly not everyone agrees with me especially fans of Oldham although judging by the comments left on a number of CAFC blogs I'm not alone. Blinkered is how I feel one might best desrcibe their view of their team and our most recent encounter !

I wish you all a most enjoyable new year's eve of course and I hope the script goes according to plan !

My very best wishes to you all for 2012, an Olympic year, that I hope sees the torch enter the stadium with the Addicks firmly in the Championship !

Come On You Reds !


  1. 33 not 22! and green didn't get red, he reached 5 yellows

  2. "...and he knows, he's gonna have fun with youooo, lucky lady"

    dammit, dammit, dammit.

    Just read the oldham fans'comments. As a soft arse, if we start wasting time from minute 3 against fulham I will be well narked. thats ambition I suppose - bit rare up north I expect where wingeing about clogs and hard times takes a lot of practice.

    have a good one phil - really enjoyed your blog this year

    Pembury Addick

  3. Anon - good point, written in haste and I despite several re-reads not changed to yellow. I know SKL's not 22 - that was for, ahem, comic effect but like so many of our hero's was wide of the mark it seems.

    PA - thanks. Wishing you a happy and successful new year.