Sunday 18 December 2011

And A Merry Christmas......Everyone !

Why didn't the skeletal Oldham fan go to the match ? Because he knew it'd be really boring with very little skill on show. Hear no good football, speak no good football and certainly see no good football.

Well what a great start to Christmas week ! Speaking of weak, what about those officials eh ! Absolutely useless. I won't waste time ( irony or what ! ) on them suffice to say they were the worst we've seen this season. The allowed Oldham to carry out their boring game plan ( if you can call it a game plan ) to a T.

Nevertheless, despite Oldham's approach we really ought to have beaten a very poor side that has so little skill in it. We fluffed our lines somewhat.

The first half was an instantly forgettable affair and I bet Yann wished he'd stayed in the chaning rooms longer following his clash of heads. His battling on is to be applauded, I think I'd have looked at how we were playing and said " nah ! " shortly before hot-footing it to an early bath.

Sir Chris obviously had words at half time as we emerged with more intent and increased tempo. Failure to convert more thn the one chance really smack us on the bum. Sadly Oldham managed to do the same with the only one they had aside from a shot in the first half which Hamer tipped over but I felt he ought to have caught comfortably.

Wright-Phillips is really struggling and his determination to score meant he ignored the chance to pass to others in better postions on a couple of occasions. On one occasion Green played him in with an exquisite pass that he only just failed to convert but that you'd have expected him to put away. He needs a goal and very soon !

Again I can't understand what Sir Chris is doing with the subs. Euell again on the bench....why I don't know. For the second week running we needed a goal and he didn't bring on the player he apparently sees as our 3rd best striker. Wagstaff on again and Pritchard was also lined up to come on...both ahead of Euell. Anyone understand how that works ?

Given his size Smith or indeed Hayes would have added something and either could have come on for BWP had they been on the bench. Sorry I'm not getting it at all.

Yann's iunjury seemed to produce a slightly below par performance from him which is I guess understandable given the knock he got.

We now face some tough games over Christmas and the New Year. I'm realistic enough to know we're not going to win every game but ones like this against a poor side who've played midweek games for the previous 2 weeks really should be put to bed. We have the players and the ability.......the lads are going to have to do better than this if we're going to stay out in front. 


  1. From an Oldham point of view. The fact that 4 key players were missing today, and having been defeated by Sheff. Wed, who are terrible to watch, Oldham might have frustrated your team, but they also could have won the game. You will see a difference at Boundary Park I can assure you. But as an Oldham fan I am well pleased with the players commitment shown. Hope we make it to the Championship, along with yourselves.

  2. Whinge whing whinge whinge thats all you soft arses do everytime we play you,you wont extend the gap,unless of course they add points for whingeing.

  3. hard to put hayes on the bench if he fails a fitness test !