Tuesday 27 December 2011

Euell-Tide Cheer !

I do believe that's a red red robin on the top.

There is superstition as Stevie Wonder once sang....very true Stevie. I started out listening to BBC radio London but switched to following the game by Sky after we went behind as I'm a superstitious old sod. As it turned out it made all the difference as we won on Sky with the late winner !

As ever this season there was a long wait for our score and then unexpectedly up came the news that Green had scored a late goal that ultimately proved to be the winner of course. I recall that Norwich were quite tenacious in their promotion seasons in both league 1 and the championship with late goals a feature of them. Our boys are showing similar determination and resilience this season seemingly very driven and focused.

The late goals at the Banks's Stadium made things even sweeter. Huddersfield won as you might expect and Dons also although the size of their win was something of a surprise. We can but hope that the O's are in a similar generous mood on new year's eve.

I gather that we were very much on top for the majority of the game and that the last quarter or so saw the Glovers pretty much camped in their own half. We did well in striking back quickly having gone behind twice. At last Yann scored from a free kick. I guess we've all seen those Youtube clips of him knocking them in from outside the area and now the good old boy has done it for us !

Then of course Danny Green popped up with the winner.......just a thought but I wonder if Wagstafff had been fit if he'd have come on for Green ? We'll never know. Danny is now suspended for the game at Orient which is a big miss but hey ho someone will need to step up in his place. Wagstaff may be fit or perhaps Jackson may return and Ephraim switches to the right.

The biggest hope now is that Bradley scores soon. He still seems to be doing everytihng right save for putting the ball in the net at the moment. One can't imagine that his goal drought will continue for much longer.

What are the BBC all about......I was looking forward to seeing our game on the football leaue show but no, it wasn't to be. The usual MOTD with associated drivel from Shearer and Lawreson but no proper footie. Not on tonight either I see, how bad is that ?

A win on Saturday and again on bank holiday Monday will finish and start the old and new years in splendid fashion allowing us to anticipate the cup match against Fulham with some relish. 

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