Friday, 16 December 2011

It's Beginning To Feel A Lot Like Christmas

It's Christmaaaaaas by Sleighed 

One of the joys of working in a school is the nativity play, carol concert and general enjoyment of this time of year by the kids. It's the culmination of our Christmas celebrations and yes, we did have a traditional Christmas assembly too. Santa has visited as well, he didn't look overly tanned so I don't think it was Phil Brown......Phil Brown geddit ? He got the sack this week.....oh please yourselves......

I attended the carol concert tonight and it was rather splendid and well attended by parents and family, one of the best in my time at the school. With the children undertaking lots of Christmas activities; making and sending cards, exchanging presents etc it's a lovely atmosphere and unique during the curriculum year in my view. There's nothing like the kids to remind you of what Christmas should be about and they're not yet so affected by life that they have a cynical view of things and remain full of optimism. Supporting the Addicks over many years would knock that out of them eh !

Snow permitting, tomorrow will be a day of watching dvds and partying perhaps with some bringing in toys from home. In my day that'd mean a board game of some sort or one of your lucky mates might have a robot, about the only electronic toy at the time. These days of course most have PS3, Xbox or the like and i-pods etc........ you name it, they've pretty much got it. That is a shame really as Christmas for me was the only time you got big and what for me were expensive presents. Children these days pretty much get these all year round almost which to a certain extent leaves some children less grateful and appreciative. ( I'm just managing to avoid a full-on Pythonesque living in a hole in the road type rant ! ).

Hopefully our boys won't be taking the spirit of Christmas too far on Saturday. No gifts for our visitors - just us taking home the 3 points I hope.

Quite rightly there'll be a minute's silence to honour one of our FA Cup winning heroes Peter Croker. His passing was sad news indeed.

We ought to win and hopefully our guests will have an eye on their forthcoming cup tie at Anfield that'll distract from the task in hand. I'm looking forward to seeing Ephraim and Russel in tandem as both are more than useful additions to the team. If they both stay beyond January and our injured players return then we really will have competition for places. All that bodes well for the future.

Hopefully Hayes or Smith will be on the bench as opposed to Jason as I believe they offer more than he. I won't be suprised if Sir Chris keeps Euell there though.

In the spirit of Christmas I'm looking forward to a bit of quaffing before and aft the action on Saturday, well it'd be rude not to.   

Come On You Reds !

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