Sunday 2 October 2011

If anyone can..........

Yann can !

I was too worried about this game to have any contact with tv, radio or other media. I spent an hour and 50 minutes from 3pm doing household chores to keep me occupied although my thoughts weren't totally diverted from what might be happening in Sheffield.

I feared the worst and what delight then to turn on the telly to discover we were winning 2-0 with only 3 minutes to go. Further pleasure was gained from learning that Yann had again scored off the bench and with his first touch ! He's had quite an impact. Where to place the credit for his recruitment is not clear but I guess it was largely Sir Chris's input having worked with him before.

The management and scouting team deserve huge recognition for the acquisitions this season because not only have they been good, each and every one of them but they all complement the team and style of play. What more is there to come from Yann I wonder ? Remember he takes a mean free kick too !

The 4 points from the last two games is a fantastic return and I would have been pleased with two points having avoided defeat against two teams who'll be up there at the season's end.

A fantastic piece of man management after the game from Sir Chris to get the squad on the pitch for a very public debrief and praise for their efforts to date. I have issues with Powell's reluctance to make changes at times but how well has he done this season with a team that he can very much now call his own.

Praise to the owners for keeping faith with him when others might have been tempted to think things wouldn't work out. Prior to coming to us Powell was widely acknowledged in football as a coach of the utmost promise. Given his Charlton history it would have been a sad loss had we not seen him manage us and doing a good job elsewhere. Our history is littered with missed opportunities and what might have beens.

It is only a quarter way through the season but there is every cause for optimism and yesterday's win at possibly the toughest away trip in this division gives rise to every hope that this team that will deliver promotion.

The upcoming games until Preston at home on Saturday 5th November are all ones that should give a good return if we can maintain this early season form. If we can then we can look forward to our Lilliwhites clash with great confidence.

Wednesday sees us host Brentford in the paint pot thingy. I'd have no qualms with Sir Chris copying Megson when he subbed two players inside the first 20 minutes in a tie the Owls subsequenlty lost at Bradford City. Our focus must be the league and we surely have enough strength in depth to overcome Brentford anyway. The one good thing this competition offers is a chance to give games to the second string / fringe players. Sadly an international call up means no appearance for Cort who whilst he will get some playing time with Guyana won't be as useful as playing with his Charlton team mates.

Exciting times for us Addicks and I'm already wishing the week away till 3pm Saturday.

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  1. "Our history is littered with missed opportunities and what might have beens." How very true Phil. Fantastic result yesterday.