Friday 14 October 2011


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Not sure how the " new town " of Stevenage can be twinned with 4 other places as it suggests above. It's funny how it's still called new much in the same way the " new " lighthouse at Dungeness is referred to in that way although it was built in the early 60's.....I think I'll call myself new then !

Sadly tomorrow's fixture, the second closest to my home isn't one I'll be attending. Tickets were hard to come by but it was finances more than that which dictated otherwise. Fortunately my weekend isn't entirely devoid of live sporting action as a mate has offered me a ticket for Northampton Saints who play Saracens in the LV Cup. Should be a good game and the Saints have an incredibly strong bench containing a large returning England contingent.

Saturday's encounter with the imaginatively nicknamed The Boro promises to be x-rated. Make no mistake the oppo are a very physical side who will have intention to play a passing game and will lump it up front at every opportunity. One can only hope that we come away with no injuries, serious ot otherwise and no red cards........we've not had one of those this season have we ?

Cort should make a welcome return to the bench following his games with the Guyanese having played in more glamorous and sunnier climes than Stevenage. He may be needed to add some beef to the defence at some stage.

Not sure whether Sir Chris will make any changes from last Saturday. He suprised most of us by playing Yann and Green last week and tomorrow's side is a difficult one to call.

There was an unpleasant end to Boro's game away to Huddersfield last week and it is to be hoped that we don't see a repeat of that and with Sir Chris that seems highly unlikely.

I'll be keeping a close eye on the game from Franklin's Gardens as much in the hope of not reading that we've lost someone to injury..........fingers crossed. Let's hope our fine form on the road continues.

Come On You Reds !

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  1. Actually Stevenage play a passig game. They kept the ball on the floor and worked hard for each other and deserved their win. On the other hand i was disgusted with Charleton. Diving, fainig injury, it was desperate mesures, i wasnt impressed with charleton at all.