Sunday 28 March 2010

A Good Point Well Made

Stitch with a witch........and no, I didn't use spellchecker !

All things considered yesterday's draw was not too bad. That we fought back so quickly after going behind demonstrates there's still some fight in the team. A fine shot it was too from Reid. I still can't believe he's been dropped on occasion, he's rarely had a bad game and is invariably our best player.

There was a shock start in goal for Randolph, I didn't expect that. I assume he had an okay game as he's not been singled out for specific mention in the blogs / reports I've read. I hope he gets a run in the side now.

It sounds as though Racon and Semedo played well in midfield. It might sound like heresy but perhaps skip should be left out of the starting eleven for the next game. Parky seems to have spent most of the season trying to figure out his best midfield, perhaps at present it doesn't include Bailey. I know he's played out of position a lot of the time but he's not been that great lately and a rest ( kick up the bum if you will ) may     re-ignite the spark that seems to me to have gone from his game of late.

We may have dropped to fifth but there's still hope. The Spanners won as expected and the size of their win means little if Stockport are throwing in the towel mentally as I suspect they are.

We can but cling to the hope that we'll improve and other may slip up. At least a large part of our destiny for the remainder of this season is in our own hands with games against those in and around the top.

Next Saturday sees a visit to MK Dons and the shortest journey of the season for me. It's a game where I wouldn't be happy with a draw and only a win will do.

I'll write a guide during the week for those who are going to the game.

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