Sunday 14 March 2010

Like A Reverse Boob Job........

we're all feeling rather let down !

Probably best not to dwell on yesterday's performance and result too much. Thankfully, I didn't go and had more fun as it happens watching my lad's rugby team, Olney ( playing in cerise and French grey note ! ) beat Buckingham 10 - 5 in an entertaining game.

Many questions need answering most notably why you'd play your best player from the previous game out of position when injuries already mean that you're having to do that with others !!!!

We started with Solly, Bailey and Reid all out of their comfort zones. In addition, Mooney gets to start again and McKenzie doesn't even make the bench this week. Sodje S returns to the bench and I still haven't seen an explanation for his absence last week !

I know Parky is working with limitations and that we're not going to get anyone else..........fair enough. However, motivating your players for this game isn't tough. If any player was any in doubt as to what this game meant to Addicks fans then my eldest lad ( like all of us ) would have spoken to them, free of charge, prior to kick off. He was a tad upset to say the least yesterday and the most angry I've ever seen him was when Millwall scored their opener at the Valley.

My preferred line up of 3-5-2 seems much more sensible now. I'm not rushing out to place bets that Parky will adopt this next week. We should have played to our strengths and sent out an attacking team......I bet they loved it when they saw Reid on the right and Sam on the bench.

The Gills are next and losing to them in what is another cup final for a set of opposing fans just doesn't bear thinking about especially if it's back up by another gutless performance.

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