Thursday 11 March 2010

Left Backs Have I None..............

so with little else to do,
what's to be lost,
by trying 3-5-2 !

Confirmation of the 3-5-2 formation

The loss if JJ is major blow ahead of the Spanners derby. That his arrival accompanied an upturn in fortunes is not coincidence. Youga was playing well in that position prior to his injury and has been as big a miss as a proven goalscorer. Basey was trying his best but doesn't compare to either Youga or JJ, he's just not as good going forward.

With most Addicks taking the view that we've little chance of getting anything on Saturday why not try the old 3-5-2 ? If the team is organised and disciplined enough this could work well. Naturally, this means a return for Sodje S although I'm still none the wiser as to why he didn't even make the bench last week.

Sodje S would probably need a couple of sedatives before kick off if we're to keep eleven men on the pitch for any decent length of time ! However, I think he can do a job in this formation.

This would give us some flexibility as if it's not working then you can still switch around without too much effort or disruption. Llera could always move to left back and I prefer to see a natural left footer in that position.

Whatever the formation I expect that McKenzie will continue as a non-paying spectator.......might as well name me for the bench if this continues.......I wouldn't be asking for any salary even if a shirt to fit could be found !

Like most I'm not expecting anything from Saturday, too many memories of bad times with no fight from our boys.

I really hope we don't rollover at that horrible stadium and can come away with some pride ( pride, lions ! Geddit ? )

I doubt Parky will adopt the ANEM proposed formation but as ever, you never quite know what he'll do.......aside from playing Mooney regardless of performance !

We live in hope !

Come On You Reds !


  1. Great Post. I think that the only option that Parky has left is to play Chris Solly in that position. He should also bring back S.Sodje, start playing Jonjo Shelvey and McKensie. McKensie has pace and a thirst to score and play well... That's a damn sight more than that waster David Mooney.

    Lets start A.Sodje and McKensie. Keep Burton on teh bench, and bring him on as a sub if we fall behind. That way we could have a rather deadly strike force (4-3-3).... COME ON YOU ADDICKS.

  2. I too would like to see McKenzie play let alone start but I think we've little chance of that.

    As say we could go to 4-3-3 if needed.

    I just pray that we don't get a hiding !