Sunday 21 March 2010

Parky's Rant

Post match Parky.............steady on old boy !

Deep in the press room at the Valley London S.E. 7. ............ " Never hold your breath your and count to ten " says a sign behind a clearly piqued Parkinson.

" Bearing in mind that I've no money and we played a team that hasn't won away for ages and were due a win, a draw is a fantastic result " gushes our Phil. " The fans need to appreciate the courage of players like David Mooney. I knew that if I played him enough, sooner or later he'd score a goal. Those calling for Leon McKenzie to play should note he had little influence on the game shots on target. "

" We conceded our first goal to a great strike after Burcham's excellent play so impressed my team that they thought it would be rude to interfere and try to stop him.........all credit to the lads for that  ! "

" I wish I had loads of money like Gillingham and Millwall to spend on players, that we haven't, is reflected in us only taking 3 points from a possilbe 12 against them. I'm not sure the fans realise that. "

Whilst I jest, the above isn't too far removed from the essence of what Parky was suggesting yesterday. I'd say he was, at best, ill-advised to make those comments. Most of us realise he has little money to make changes but to say he's pieced together a side from nothing isn't quite telling the truth.

He has a side containing several players that the vast majority of league one sides would love to have. In fact, a few championship sides wouldn't mind them either. So it's a bit disingenuous to imply he doesn't have good players, players of actual worth at his disposal. A number of them were bought for good money or signed on decent contracts albeit maybe not during his tenure.

Parky may not be able to bring in more funds and as a result different players, however, he can make the most of what he's got. That's something the likes of Millwall and Gillingham, for example, are proving able to do.

Playing players out of position is his decision. Not playing certain players is his decision. Not to take off your skipper, the only one having a really bad game yesterday and get Reid on with 25 minutes to go, is his decision. To keep playing Mooney despite having poor games is his decision.

Unlike Dowie and Pardew I have no real agnst with Parky. I appreciate what he's done and the limitations within which he is working. However, it ill behoves him to criticse the fans who have by and large given him and the team good support. The players were applauded onto the pitch before warm up and the game itself. I'm not sure they merited it after last week but they got it none the less.

I didn't boo the team yesterday ( never have and never will despite disagreeing with some selections and decisions  ) and gave them support as and when. However, if some want to do that, then fine, that's their choice. I really expected to hear Parky say how disappointed he was that the team hadn't taken their chances and won the game, as they should have done. 

I hope that in the cold light of day that Parky will realise his remarks weren't great and back track a little because the team seems fractious at the moment and he can't afford to alienate the fans.



  1. I didn't boo either and nor will I. I have every sympathy with the manager being cross with those that do. Leaving aside the point that booing can only make things worse, what really makes me cross is that these fans seem to show no appreciation for how hard the manager and his players work, seem to have no understanding of how hard it is to succeed and seem to have no sense of realism. This from people who, I'd guess, have for the most part achieved absolutely nothing in their own lives!!

  2. Interesting points Phil. I also felt that Parky had conveniently forgotten the players he'd retained from the Championship, and the relative wage bills in League 1. His comments about a fan with millions stepping forward are also a bit rich - most weeks we have home gates that exceed most of the division, most of the Championship and a couple in the Premeirship. In other words we are forking out every fortnight.

    In the circumstances I though the home supporters made a lot more noise than I'd expected. I recall seeing Charlton at Liverpool a couple of times, when the legendary supporters were well outsung by our lot - it was our "cup final", and for them a relatively low key game. Role reversal yesterday, but I thought we got behind the team well.

    But I cannot abide the booing of your own team its so counterproductive and moronic.

    And your are right - Parky's comments would have been best directed at the team's somewhat unlucky, flat performance. A bit like the Blackpool manager's.

    Pembury addick

  3. Booing our own side just plays into the opposition hands - the sooner the morons realise that the better. Or they can just bugger off and dont come back. We don't need fans like that at the valley! Let's keep a sense of perspective - none of the other top 6 won yesterday so there are a few others like us in the same boat. It wasn't great but this was a derby which gillingham were up for so there is always going to be a bit of unpredictability about such encounters. We should be supporting this team not barracking them.

  4. I agree with all the comments that booing isn't helpful and works against the team. It can only give the oppo a lift.

    I do feel that Parky needs to accept a negative reaction from some in light of two very disappointing results. As PA said the fans gave decent support yesterday.

    As I said I don't get Parky playing people out of position and giving some more opportunities than they deserve. He now can't try McKenzie due to injury. At the time he was fit no forward was making a case for being first on the team sheet.
    Bailey didn't play well yesterday mainly due to his being on the left, clearly he's not happy being there.

    In addition to the above a positive substitution was needed with 25 minutes to go and that was to bring on Reid for Bailey.

    It's things like that that frustrate me with Parky and that has nothing to do with lack of funds, just making the best of what you have as I said.

  5. I daresay Parkinson is frustrated with his inability to bring in new players - but given the wage bill that he inherited that is hardly surprising. However, every manager has to work within the restraints they are given, and I would ask Parkinson or anyone else for that matter to name the players who have improved the quality of their game during the past season. I'm afraid I'm really struggling - the best I can come up with is Wagstaff. It is also telling how players who leave the club start to perform better. The management appear to be failing on the motivation (as do those who boo) and coaching score (as as for tactics!)that are also part of the job.

    As for the shortage of strikers - how about a little creative thinking. Lloyd Sam doesn't seem very keen about being on the wing even when he is meant to be playing there, and in the meantime could someone tell him what he is meant to do at throw ins and corners?