Tuesday 3 January 2017

Good Game ! Good Game !

Darren Deadman practices handing out another yellow card.

Word reaches me that prior to yesterday’s fine win there was an incident in the boardroom as Miss Meire had a misunderstanding with the Rovers chairman. He apparently said to her in his broad west country accent “ I believe that you’re a lawyer ! “. The problems of dialect eh ?

A good performance especially in the second half saw the Addicks overcome Rovers who are seemingly our whipping boys this season. 9 goals for with 2 in reply and those both gifted via a penalty and defensive slip.

A week on from an awful display against MK Dons and this was a much better effort. I didn’t think we were as bad in the first half as some people have said. Rovers goal came about from a defensive howler that was well finished but we retained the ball well for most of the time albeit without creating many chances.

The goal from Josh just before half time was vital in giving the lads some belief and they really pressed on in the second half. It was good to see us scoring from set pieces although there’s still room for improvement as on several occasions there was hesitancy as no one seemed to know who was taking them.

A bit of variation in the build up to Tex’s goal was also pleasing. Not that anyone needed reminding but the one thing we won’t miss from Lookman is his free kicks and corners !

I was surprised to see after the game that we had only 51% possession as I’d have guessed at it being a lot higher than that although it means bu**ar all really as it’s goals that matter.

We will need to create more chances from open play and hopefully Da Silva and any other new additions will supply that.

On that note it seems that the smart money is on Carruthers joining the Blades rather than us. It remains to be seen if Robinson’s other MK target Reeves joins us.

After the game it wasn’t just our boys that enjoyed a post-match beer as Rovers players were each treated to an Irish stout although their skipper Lockyer couldn’t find his and not for the first time in the afternoon was heard to say “ where’s me Guinness ? “

Robinson deserves some credit for this display although he’s got some way to go to win me over. I can’t agree with his view that only Chicksen was playing out of position. Konsa isn’t historically a midfielder and Bokata is a left sided player.

In addition, what is it that Robinson feels he needs to prove to us. The half time charge down the tunnel urging the lads to join him was odd as were the celebrations at full time.

I understand that he’s pleased with the win etc. but it’s all too OTT for me. Leave the players to acknowledge the crowd and vice versa and we don’t need someone to orchestrate the tunnel jumps.

Some will love all that and talk about passion and that’s fine, I just don’t need to witness scenes that are more in keeping with having achieved a lot more winning one game or even having secured 7 points from 9 which I acknowledge.

As I said I’m not a great fan of Robinson but am happy to acknowledge good things of course and to be won over. It’s just all this show and bravado doesn’t make it easy to do so.

Looking forward and having had a pleasing set of results ( if not performances ) we can look forward to the Millwall with a bit more confidence than the last encounter.

Robinson has nearly two weeks to work with the team and also get some new players in. If we can overcome our friends from up the road on Saturday week then I’ll allow him to celebrate however he likes.   


  1. Yes totally agree with you on Robbo I love the media man and yes by all means show passion, but still quiestion his tactics and yes OTT comments and actions very bizzare at times.
    Still it remains who he will sign and be lucky just to get 2 in and the same excuse as in the last windows. ie We tried very hard to bring in players, but it was through no lack of effort.

  2. Agree John. I don't feel his very public comments about Tony Watt were well judged. Best keep that sort of thing in house.