Thursday 26 January 2017

Our Friends In The North

Walking in a Wilson Wonderland

Hopefully not the frozen north as these two teams will be keen to play after neither Southend's nor our undersoil heating kicked in last week. However, the difference between us and the Essex boys is that they don't actually have it - we just didn't want to spend on getting a boiler in situ.

A stupid economic and business decision ? Of course but entirely in keeping with the way Katrien and co run our club. Would they have given a moment's thought to Scunny's greatly inconvenienced fans ? Not a chance as they don't value their own customers.

Our ongoing injury and suspension issues mean we ought not to be particularly confident ahead of Saturday's trip. Add to that Robinson's insistence on playing his favoured system at all cost then it's not worth leaving the metropolis.

However, the fact that the Trotters have yet to win this year does give rise to a smidgen of optimism. Yet to get anything from the game we will need to be at our best and need to battle hard.

It's unclear as to whether Bauer will be fit to play any part. If he isn't then we have to trust to lady luck that whoever plays in central defence doesn't get injured or we're more trouble than the mob from Sainsbury's.

Whoever is selected to play the lone role up front is on a hiding to nothing as they won't be suited to it. That won't change anything after all in our last game we saw the ball booted up to the diminutive Da Silva. There you go son see what you can do with that.

I assume Chicksen won't start at left back as it seems no amount of injuries and suspensions would facilitate that.

I assume our marquee signing won't be available until the following fixture. Disappointing but I can wait another week.

Good luck to all travelling up on Saturday. As ever I hope that you are rewarded with a win first and a decent performance second. 

Remember to give Lawrie a cheer !

Come On You Reds !

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