Thursday 12 January 2017

This Time More Than Any Other Time........

Ah ! England's 1982 World Cup  anthem isn't fondly remembered for many reasons not least because the team were ultimately awful after a good start. However, it gave rise to false hope but that won't be the case this weekend will it ?

Here we go again then. Having played our lovely neighbours just over 3 weeks ago we lock horns again.

Naturally no Addick is overly optimistic but one never knows and all runs come to an end eventually as we can readily recall with Hudderfield's much lauded unbeaten run even if it really didn't amount to a heap of beans for them.

One could argue that we have a better looking and possibly more balanced team as we approach this one. In addition, the team has had nearly two weeks to prepare for it.

Overall we just want to see some fight, passion and pride from our boys and to not roll over and have our belly tickled. We need something to get behind and get us going as fans.

I'm surprised but pleased to see that Robinson hasn't gone overboard with his pre-match comments to date whilst acknowledging that in this instance at least talk is cheap.

In contrast, Neil Harris has been really hyping the game and I'm not sure that's the smartest move. In fact I'm surprised he's felt moved to do so as he is seemingly putting his players under unnecessary pressure given their record against us.

We've heard a lot about Tony Watt wanting to be at the club and to play for us. The proof of the pudding as they say but is the script being written for him to come off the bench and do something that eluded George Tucadean and most of our strikers since Kim Grant all those years ago ?

We could also welcome back Holmes and Rudd and that would be a big boost for the rest of the season not just this game.

This match provides a real test for Robinson's new look team as he apparently has the type of player he wants that fits his system. Sadly most of the new recruits are loans and I'd prefer to see permanent signings but maybe they'll sign up fully in due course.

The win is probably more important than the performance in this instance but a loss allied to a poor performance won't do Robinson any favours so he has to hope he gets at least a good performance if he doesn't get the win.

Come On You Reds !


  1. Phil. This article is far too positive = 0 comments :)

  2. I know I await a torrent of abuse !

  3. Phil- You're nothing but a Xylophone.
    As a2c says- there'll be no percussion instruments down our gaffe.


    1. Very good Marco and very true especially as Katrien doesn't seem very good at drumming up support.

  4. 'Ere wass all these negative remarks abaht xylophones...thass typical of yourn anti-music lovers..

  5. CR, we dahn't wahn't too much xcitement dahn our gaff.