Sunday 29 January 2017

Macron Marvels !

A tremendous rearguard action saw the Addicks fight their way to all 3 points on Saturday.

Another early departure for Page due to a red card and not injury saw our boys down to 10 men and subsequently a goal down swiftly after.

Page was covering after some poor defending led to a clear goal scoring opportunity for the Trotters. I guess instinct led him to commit the foul but it was a tad early to make the ultimate sacrifice.

However, a combination of spirited defending, tireless running and the essential ingredient of Lady Luck led to a fightback and a win.

Everyone emerges with credit and this was a true team effort.

February promises to be a real test that will define our season. There are 3 Tuesday games with a corresponding number of Saturday ones. It would have been more but Oxford's progression to the last 16 of the FA Cup means a free weekend on Saturday 18th February.

Tex has completed his one match ban and bodies are now starting to return.

However, the make up of the squad will probably change yet still before all that and by the time the transfer window closes.

The absence on Saturday of Johnson and Ulvestad and any explanation raises questions as to their future. In addition, Ajose has already been linked with a move away.

There are rumours of another loan player coming in and to do so a current loanee will need to make way if we're not to be overloaded in a repetition of days of yore when we had more loanees than we could fit into a matchday squad.

In interesting couple of days and February beckons !

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